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    I have a question regarding the 4th monitor on the nvidia cards.

    In my office, I have three 27" monitors running at 5760x1080. In my living room (very close), I have a 1080p 3D projector with a 120" screen. There are times when I would prefer to play in the living room on my couch and currently, I have to switch a lot of cables and modify desktop settings to do that.

    If I get this new card and have the projector set up as the 4th monitor, Will I just be able to drag a 1920x1080 windowed game up to that 4th monitor and have it play just fine on the projector or since the 4th screen is supposed to be used for web and the like, will performance take a hit?

    I think I know the answer is that it is fine, but I want to be sure from someone who has the 6 series card before I put out the almost $500 for the 670 4gb card.
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    Unless the game is windowed then it will always play on your primary monitor, in which case this will not work. It's very easy to set your primary monitor though, simply right click desktop > Screen Resolution, click your projector and tick "Make this my main display". Viola, games will now by default play on your projector. This is assuming you're running windows 7, there are similar procedures for Vista/XP.

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