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    So i know that RTSS can be used to customize your look of the OSD on any game that have a *.exe file.
    But what if the game doesn't start with *.exe, how are we supposed to make a custom profile for that game?

    In this case specifically, i am talking about the game MXM (Master x Master). The game uses a *.bin file instead of *.exe and even clearly says so on the command line.


    This is the actual process (viewing in Process Hacker 2) and as you can see, it doesn't use a .exe file to launch the game, it uses .bin (god knows why) and hence i cannot add a specific profile for that game.
    Is there a way around it or do i have to use the global file to mess around with it (it still shows the OSD ingame, just cannot add a specific profile)?
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    Can you create it manually?

    C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\Profiles\MXMClient.bin.cfg


    To disable monitoring, or whatever settings you want to use with it.

    I used that method for a software which ran through a .tmp copy so it should work for other formats too. :)

    EDIT: Oh it's a game and not a software application, well you probably don't want to specifically disable monitoring then but copy/pasting other settings you want to use works, even creating a unrelated profile and saving that and renaming the file so it's used for this game if you want to configure it a bit more easily
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    What happens when you run it, then in RTSS hold shift and click the add button? A list of programs should pop up where you can select the one you want to add a profile for.
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    Works here:

    Just press SHIFT + add in RTSS, and select MXMClient.bin as an active 3d process in the exclusions list.

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