Use of DoF, motion blur, lensflare, filmgrain

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Which of these effects do you use?

  1. Depth of Field

    8 vote(s)
  2. Motion Blur

    1 vote(s)
  3. Lensflare / filmgrain

    2 vote(s)
  4. None of the above

    9 vote(s)
  1. Chess

    Chess Master Guru

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    ASUS GTX1080Ti Stri

    A question, if you'd please. Do you use any of these and why?

    I've always wondered why games would include artificial visual effects which not only use GPU resources, but also diminish ( in my opinion ) the visual clarity. I have ( or used to ... I'm aging a bit ) perfect 20/20 vision and my reflexes are okay.

    Why use DoF? The PC is always slower than my eye- and head movements. I can focus WAY faster than the game will allow me to. A lot of the times the game calculates the field a tad poorly as well.
    Even if it would be faster... wouldn't the limitations of my eyes/ brain just do the same thing naturally?
    So why simulate this? Has it to do with screen resolution / sharpness?
    Has it to do with the game actively wanting me to focus on a certain part of my surroundings?

    Why use Motion blur? I -can- somewhat understand this from an artistic point of view. To create the feeling of speed, right? When it's appropriate, sure. Not when running, for Christ sake. Not even Usain Bolt runs THAT fast. Some gamers, as do I, invest in a 120+ Hz monitor for a sharper, less distorted image at high speed, then why blur it?

    Lensflare and filmgrain. Why would you want artificial limitation of a camera/ lens in a game? I believe this is more a nostalgic thing than anything else.

    Not bashing per sé. I just wish to understand why it doesn't 'work' for me.

    Thank you.
  2. JaylumX

    JaylumX Master Guru

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    RTX 2070S
    I use DOF irrespective of the game.

    I don't use motion blur in FPS games.

    Don't mind lens flare but film grain and chromatic aberration I turn off....Don't particularly like how they look.
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  3. DocStr4ngelove

    DocStr4ngelove Master Guru

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    MSI RTX2080 Super G
    I use DoF in all games and motion blur in racing games only.
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  4. Amaze

    Amaze Ancient Guru

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    1070ti 2126/4350
    I disable all of it. And if I can't, I'll use mods to disable it.
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  5. chanw4

    chanw4 Ancient Guru

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    Sapphire R9 280
    Those are the first thing i will disable in any game, especially Motion Blur and Film Grain. Lens Flare however i might leave it on depending on the game.
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  6. LocoDiceGR

    LocoDiceGR Ancient Guru

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    Gigabyte 3060 Ti
    I disable all of this!
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  7. Horus-Anhur

    Horus-Anhur Master Guru

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    GTX 1070
    I disable all of them. In some games I might keep depth of field, if it's used properly.
    But motion blur, chromatic aberration, lens flare and film grain makes most games look really bad and causes a small performance hit.
    Unfortunately, there are still several game developers that are so incompetent that they don't put an option to turn these things off.
    Forcing gamers to have to find the ini or cfg to edit out these settings.

    You can also add Temporal AA to the list. This thing makes most games a blurry mess.
  8. gmavignier

    gmavignier Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2060
    My guess is all of those "features" are used for artistic reasons only. I don't mind most of them myself, as I understand the developers wanted the game to have a certain look and I might as well go with it. The reason they can, and should, be turned off is anyone have motion sickness or just plainly don't like hoe the game feels with those effects on.
  9. tsunami231

    tsunami231 Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 1070Ti Black
    I hate DoF with a passion I turn it off when able along with Motion Blur and Filmgrain which I hate almost as much I want to see the textures and everything in all there glory and in some case there shitty glory cause they use DoF or Blur to hide the bad textures.

    Filmgrain not something I like in movies and movies like to apply them too , I think it detracts from quality in "some" case grain can be cool and add to it but in most cause it just make like look bad same for games and Lens flare is nice when used realisticly but it over done it just annoying.
  10. Noisiv

    Noisiv Ancient Guru

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    2070 Super
    No multiple choices. Failed poll.

    Love the good DoF and bokeh. Motion blur depending on the game. Lens flares I don't feel one way or the other.
    Film grain I'll proly turn off

  11. JonasBeckman

    JonasBeckman Ancient Guru

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    MSI 6800 "Vanilla"
    High quality per object motion blur isn't bad when used well faster versions tend to have some artifacts or glitch easily but it's at least better than faking camera motion and making everything blurry or motion sickness inducing even as happens with how some effects in some games go way too heavy on all these shaders.
    Stuff like film grain, vignette and I suppose as a extra also chromatic aberration can work but I prefer a weaker implementation whereas video games seem to favor a almost overly strong implementation in most cases though in earlier console generations film grain at least could mask other things and had additional uses.

    DOF well more of a cutscene effect but it tends to vary between game quality and high-quality cutscene variants nowadays both better than just a distant blur to hide landscape seams or LOD transitions and such.
    Lensflare here I think has somewhat started to fall out of use like basic bloom back in the day eventually did.
    (Brown and then brown AND bright, well that could have worked better but it had to start somewhere.)

    Voted for motion blur but again per object not merely camera otherwise off it goes. :D
    3DMigoto and similar can do a number for unwanted effects although the main one is almost only chromatic aberration and devs have started to make it a toggleable option for a while now unlike early days with Dying Light or Lords of the Fallen.

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