Use for 30GB Intel 525 mSATA SSD

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    [Closed} Use for 30GB Intel 525 mSATA SSD

    Not sure if the mSATA is actually bootable, so I am not going to waste precious writes by trying to install OS. I just moved over Skyrim, Dishonored, and the Walking Dead video game to the SSD


    This is just an exact copy of what I posted on Toms' forums.


    Okay, so I purchased a Acer Aspire V3-771G a month ago. Well after a fellow web user confirmed that the mSATA slot in the laptop works I went out and purchased an Intel 525 30GB SSD. One thing the fellow web user warned me is that the mSATA device was not detected by the laptop and could not be booted from. Well I checked the UEFI Bios and it was actually detected by the laptop and in the boot menu. The deal is I was originally thinking of using it as a cache drive through Intel RST. But this laptop does not have RAID mode which I believe is needed for RST. So now I have two choices. Install my most played game(s) on it, or try installing windows 8 on the ssd and try booting.

    Whenever I play a game there are instances where the gameplay freezes for a while. My guess is that the 5400 RPM HDD is killing my gameplay. Adobe CS6 series work well enough on the HDD.

    While booting off a SSD gives a faster boot, I'm getting from cold boot to login at 15 seconds, and fully logged in around 20. I don't know if it will be useful that way. I guess having my programs boot up faster may help, but it's not as bad as some of the computers at my university. Even before that, Microsoft no longer gives us the serial numbers for Windows starting with Windows 8, so I don't know how I would install it on the SSD.

    What do you guys suggest. I have one more 2.5" slot but it's missing the HDD caddy which costs $30 itself.

    The ssd has yet to be allocated through disk manager because I don't know what I wan't to do yet (and paranoid of wasting writes)


    I really would have liked automatic caching because I don't really want to worry about what programs to put onto the ssd, but as I can't do that I need help on what I should do.
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