Upscaling (1080p) DVD player running DVDs at half resolution

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    I have a Xenta VT-S205 1080p upscaling DVD player.

    It was purchased in December 2013 for £15 from Ebuyer.

    It hasn't been used in many years.

    I plugged it in today (via. several different HDMI cables) into a Samsung UE46ES5500 TV (a 2012 model). I've also tried two other HD TVs.

    All DVDs appear extremely pixelated. As in, below the standard DVD-Video resolution of 576p. They appear to be playing in half resolution.

    There aren't many settings to change but those that do exist are all set correctly:
    • Aspect Radio: 16:9
    • View Mode: Original (not Pan & Scan or Zoom)
    • TV System: PAL (I tried NTSC, just in case)
    • Video Out: HDMI
    • HD Resolution: 1080p (I've tried 1080i also)
    Anyone heard of anything like this happening before and what could be causing it?
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