Upgrading from NVIDIA. Possible driver conflicts.

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by Spiff, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    Hello all.

    I am planning on upgrading my Ti4200 to a Radeon 9800. I am wondering if there is anything particular to do to aviod driver conflicts between the old NVIDIA drivers and the new ATI drivers. I am running Win XP Pro and I do not want to have to reinstall the OS.

    So is anyone aware of problems associated with switching from NVIDIA to ATI?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Regards, Spiff
  2. nm+

    nm+ Don Cappuccino Staff Member

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    see sticky on top of dets forum on removal instructions

    JAGGEDUK Guest

    No problems for me when i switched from a 5900 ultra to a rad 9800 pro.

    Add/Removed Nvidia Drivers, restarted, driver cleanered nvidia Files, restarted, installed ati drivers, no problems since.
  4. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    Hi nm+ and JAGGEDUK, thanks for the responses.

    I forgot to check the NVIDIA DET's forum, I was just looking in the ATI forums. The sticky in the det forum is just what I was looking for as far as instructions go.

    I am also wondering if it is really necessary to do more than just use the uninstall feature to get rid of the det's though. I have heard of some problems when people switch from NVIDIA to ATI, but you never know what the real source of those problems is.

    I just want to avoid CAUSING problems by trying to do more than necessary. Guess I'll try using the uninstall feature in XP followed by installation of the Catalyst drivers and see if that gives me any problem. If things don't seem to work right then I can try the clean sweep method.

    Regards, Spiff

  5. Drumphil

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    Bitchin'fast!3D 2000
    i generally have no problems changing a system from nvidia to ati or the other way round so long as i run drivercleaner to get rid of the drivers from the old card before I install the new drivers..
  6. BlueFin

    BlueFin Guest

    Hi Spiff i like you recently changed fron Nvidia. after advice from knowledgable ATI pple,i removed my dets from add/remove in control panel. rebooted,cancelled all prompts from windows detecting my new card,then used Driver cleaner 2 (great utility) to remove my det remnants then installed Omegas Cats version 3.7a. great drivers which include many extra programmes,O/clocking tool refreshforce etc . Good luck m8 and welcome to ATI :)
  7. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    Hi BlueFin.

    I have the new card installed and running. I followed the procedure in the ATI installation instructions, only problem I had was that the install shield kept crashing when it tried to install the card driver and the ATI control panel. Solved the problem by going online and downloading the latest catalyst drivers which installed no problem.

    So far I have only played a few games but no glitches so far.

    Regards, Spiff.
  8. k0diak

    k0diak Guest

    which card did you get spiff?
  9. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    I got a 9600 pro even though it performs about the same as my Ti 4200. The reason for the new card is because I want to upgrade the GeForce 2 in my son's computer. So I thought that this would be a good opportunity to try out ATI and get a DX9 compliant card, but I could not justify the price of the 9800 when I don't really need the performance increase yet.

    So far I am pleased with the ATI card. The only real difference is that the gpu fan on the ATI is noticeably quieter than the one on the Ti 4200 which is nice.

    Regards, Spiff
  10. Junk

    Junk Guest

    turn on aa/af and you'll really see your 9600's power!

  11. Grumpylumpkins

    Grumpylumpkins Member

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    I also just went from a Ti4200 to a 9800 pro, in addition to the steps taken above, i also did a regedit in safe mode and cleaned nvidia out as well as a search nv*.* and deleted everything that came up works like a charm and this card kicks @$$
  12. Green-Pilgrim

    Green-Pilgrim Active Member

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    Nvidia 8800GTX 768
    i also changed from nivdia to ati

    did the same about 2 weeks ago,used add/remove,then dc2 and cab cleaner dont have to use but did it anyway,but i also use 'reg clean' aswell and found a few nvidia entries still in the registry which i deleted,since i installed the 3.8's not had any kind of problem as reported with the 3.8's ,Only thing i cant get over is how much better my games look and perform with the 9800pro,(had a fx5900ultra before sent it back after 2 days,very disappointed with the performance had a 5600 ultra before).top stuff.

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