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upgrade from 1080p to 4K or 1400p

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by mexy750, May 25, 2015.

  1. BlackPanthaa

    BlackPanthaa Member

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    R9 295X2
    Recently started using 1440p with my R9 295X2. Issues with my GPU when it comes to game and such (super annoying but probably an isolated issue) but 1440p for games isn't much of a jump from 1080p for the extra cost tbh. It's noticable, but I don't die when I see 1080p games still. 4K would probably look VERY good for games, which is what I hope to be running by the end of the year. Though my dual 1440p screens are PERFECT for works stuffs. (video and photo editing)
  2. troll1

    troll1 Banned

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    If you have the money go for 4k, that way you got the display and then you can go for the gpu once it's capable of handling it. ;)
  3. Teawithgrief

    Teawithgrief Guest

    Acer x34 is a far better choice than 4k, you get a lower resolution of 1440 height, but you get 34" of 21:9, IPS @ 100hz with gsync.

    "21:9 > all" will say anyone who has actually gamed on 21:9. So until we get 5120x2160 monitors, the 3440x1440 resolution is the one to get.
  4. mexy750

    mexy750 Active Member

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    3x EVGA Titan X SC
    i do not doubt that 21:9 on 34" is a very good aspect ratio, but the jump from 22" -> 28" is amazing by it's own (for me right now at least :D) and the 4K just simply looks gorgeous. 5120x2160 would be amazing, but we'll need a bit more graphics power for that...

    I've tested witcher 3 and gta v so far (so with 4K + titan x 2way sli) i've got at least the framerates i had with my old 295x2 on 1080p. - i guess the 295x2 was an overkill for 1080p and could not fully show it's potential, i might give it a try on 4K, just to see...

    Gsync looks very good so far, no sign of tearing, did not notice any negative thing so far. XB280HK is great, titan sli makes a much more confident/mature impression than the 295x2.

    this is my first nvidia card ever, everything is new, is there something that needs special attention? - (so far i only enabled SLI, because it was off by default) or any control panel options that should be avoided?

    thanks again for the tips! :nerd: :nerd: :nerd:

  5. Dorlor

    Dorlor Banned

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    2x evga 780 ti sc acx
    Yes, there are a few things in the control panel you should be aware of :)

    In 3d settings, global settings, set the following:

    Texture filtering quality - high quality

    Texture filtering LOD bias - Hold

    Then go from global to program settings and set the following for your games:

    Anisotropic filtering - 16x

    Power - maximum performance

    Do the above, and youll have more stabile frames and a more sharp picture :)

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