Unwinder: How about ATI 9x00 to FireGL X1? SoftQuadro for ATI?

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Spike Lee III, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. TimeLord

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    LOL (this isn`t spam)
    Unwinder: what we need else ? Its not a same procedure as SoftR9700? Do we need documentation ?
  2. Unwinder

    Unwinder Moderator Staff Member

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    _Users_ don't need anything, but _we_ (I mean www.nvworld.ru) need. Try to realize that such info is not a joke and it will seriously damage revenues of some vendors, so we publish such things only when we have legal background.
  3. thelmores

    thelmores Guest


    is there any legal recourse of ati or its vendor against rivatuner?

    or is all the responsibility on the end user? (yes i have read the rivatuner agreement)

    i can see where they would be pissed, however, i also wouldnt be happy to spend alot of money on the same r300 design.

    once again, thanks for your hard work unwinder, and we anxiously await the release of softfiregl! :)
  4. RabS

    RabS Guest

    Hi Is the new patch script available yet :D

    Also has anyone got a good link to the latest fire gl drivers Thx

  5. RabS

    RabS Guest

    is the patch script going to be in 2 versions z1 and x1 >>>> because some people will have trouble with x1 as they did with soft9700
  6. SteveReno

    SteveReno Guest

    I’m not an attorney, Just a Joe Blow consumer & I compare this to other many cases that involve “reverse engineering” but in case it’s in a forward fashion.
    My bother & I bought 2 new car from GM at the same time,
    The“2005 Hyper-Vette” When we ordered them, they had several engine options.
    I needed to save money so I ordered the slower, less expensive motor, in contrast my brother ordered the hi performance motor “several thousands dollars more”

    Both of our cars arrived the same day. We both love our cars, his was faster then mine, now I wished that I could have afforded the better motor, but after comparing them both, they looked identical. My son hooked up his laptop to the computer module the both cars.
    Copies code from my bothers sys to mine & lord behold, my car is as fast as his now!

    All this is fiction, but if it was true, the only recourse GM would have is to void my warranty. What I’m trying to say that, many items made today, have several ver. Of that one item & selling them according to the performance disabling hardware/software factors. Ever heard the expression “You get what you pay for” well, we paid for a disabled item & thanks to all the people that involved “reverse engineering” but in a forward fashion. I do understand the monetary investment of such companies Intel, AMD, just to name a few, to use this type of trick to save production cost & in turn raising profits. Is this fair? Like I said I’m no attorney, Just a Joe Blow consumer.
    I would understand if rearranging code on this video card & others would remove any warranty. I’m willing to give up the warranty to fully use what I already have in front of me & paid for.

    I don’t own the card(s) in question, but I now will buy one, partly because of ATI & partly to the work of Unwinder & his team efforts.

    Thank you

  7. coupe333

    coupe333 Guest

    I have a strange feeling that this is the day!..:rolleyes:
    p.s.(i hope)
  8. PIXAR

    PIXAR Guest

    me 2 after reading all these pages:D
  9. morphium

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    Mentor GF4 TI4200 128
    I think sales and market shares for the 9500 went rapidly up to a new level which ATI wouldnt have expected. So it does not really harm them if their 9700 cards are not sold as their sales are now better than ever. I think they could be thankful for Unwinders work.

    Ok the story with the FireGL is another one :D

    Just a little theoretical stuff inbetween during the wait of the release :)
  10. barrymcc

    barrymcc Guest


    I was just wondering if anybody knew if stereo capabilities are enabled using these type of scripts (Softquadro/SoftGL)?

  11. SteveReno

    SteveReno Guest

    Does it help sales for the 9500? I think so.

    check item #2304700608 at eBay...

    That's a used card going for over retail & the onwer told me that artifacts becomes noted after 290/Mem setting...

    The 9700P may be a better buy, if overclocking is in mind.
    I think the mem is rated 2.8ns to the 9500's 3.1 . I may be worng?
    Is the 9700P worth the $100 more? + no artifacts at deflut settings 320/mem ?

    I'll make up my mind after Doc's are at the site.
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  12. coupe333

    coupe333 Guest

    Its HEARE!!!!!!!!!

    AND YES !! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!...............:)

  13. PIXAR

    PIXAR Guest

    any idea how to change my ati 9700pro into a firegl x1 now????
    never worked with rivatuner before:(
  14. TimeLord

    TimeLord Guest

    One idea.
    If everything fail, read the ****in` manual !!!
  15. PIXAR

    PIXAR Guest

    i just got a readme of it, nothing more

    aaargh, the fireglx1z1-win2kxp-1021.exe download doesn't work at ATI.com


  16. coupe333

    coupe333 Guest

    Yep is very easy!
    you must have the firegl first and patch it.
    1)Unzip the drivers in a folder.
    2)Install Riva Tuner
    3)run riva tuner go to >power users>click to the 3rd icon from the left bottom (patch scripts), go to the folder of the firegl drivers and pach it!!!( you have to select the firegl x for the 9700pro)
    4) uninstall the drivers and the g.crad ,
    5)reboot ,stop the automatic process of the installation by clicking the (x) in the baloun.
    6)P.s.( i peronally deleted the folders of the previous drivers)
    7)Go to the control panel>system>Hardware>Device manager
    8) go to your display adapters and select update driver.
    9)select the install from a list......then select the "dont search, i will chose...., and ...have a disk...go to the folder of the firegl drivers, select the file and VUALA!!!!.....
  17. PIXAR

    PIXAR Guest

    well damn, thanks a lot man!

    you got a working link to those drivers maybe??:D :D
  18. SteveReno

    SteveReno Guest

    Can anyone comfrim that this card will work with the new RivaTuner?
    100-433002, ATI (SAPPHIRE) RADEON 9000 PRO 128MB AGP

    Please advise...
  19. coupe333

    coupe333 Guest

    And NOW....;)


    I'v just installed the drivers and is fantastic!!!..now i really have speed in the viewports!!!!

    Just a question: i selected the fireglx without the agp pro is this right?..(i have the 9700pro)

    you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bigsmile:
  20. TimeLord

    TimeLord Guest

    Workin`.. i`ve just finish download. Make sure u fill request form correctly.

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