Unknown Device After Installing Cat 3.9

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    I'm installing an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro on my Windows XP computer. I had no trouble removing the old NVIDIA card drivers, removing the NVIDIA card, and inserting the ATI card. On rebooting I used DriverCleaner to remove all vestiges of the NVIDIA drivers. Then I installed the ATI software, namely (1) WDM, (2) Display Driver for Catalyst 9 and (3) Control Panel. On restarting the computer, the "Found New Hardware Wizard" comes up 6 times (I cancel out of each one). The new video card seems to be working, but obviously I've not installed something that's needed. Can you tell me what? Thank you.
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    sure you dont have onboard video on yer mobo? you can try disabling it through hardware devices, if it was yer 9600 then it should only revert to default vga drivers
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    The motherboard is an EPoX 8RDA+. It is the version without built-in video.
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    Doh! I downloaded the Windows 98 drivers instead of the Windows XP drivers. All is well after installing the drivers for my OS. Excuse the ring.

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