Uninstall KB4535996 if you have it.

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    I'd love to use win7 but nowadays you gotta do a few workarounds to get certain apps and games working. Kinda like when I install win7 I gotta use an old ps2 keyboard to finish installing win7 and then open my backup hdd to install usb drivers.

    Then both firefox and chrome have huge tearing issues, god knows why (hardware acceleration on or off, doesn't matter). Then when I play certain games, I can't alt+tab or else the games will stutter like crazy whenever I go back to the game, and that's if I'm lucky as sometimes the game will just crash or freeze.
    Overall it feels like my PC is crying wanting win10 back. Disabling areo makes things a bit better, but then everything looks like crap. Many apps will apparently work just fine, but sometimes they crash, or memory leaks happen etc. Win7 support is not a priority for companies, and troubleshooting those issues with other people go as far as a "lol just use win10".

    Win 8.1 is a nice middle ground between 7 and 10, but AMD drivers really hate when you force win7 drivers to work on 8.1. Freesync stops working, enhanced sync works whenever it feels like it, its a nightmare. I could disable everything and just use Vsync, but that would be a waste of my freesync monitor. Honestly I like win 8.1 and if AMD drivers worked fine with it, I wouldn't use win10.

    In my opinion, the best thing you can do, which i'll admit it's quite tiresome, is to debloat win10 as much as possible and not bother with fast wing beta crap.
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    I dont have those issues, perhaps they are AMD related?

    re: installing OS, I restore a backup if there is a severe issue, I make at least 1 per month.
    There is never a reason I need to start from scratch.
    This OS install has been through at least 4 mobos.
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    Only for optional week C and D's, those you'd have to manually click to install.

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