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Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by dcx_badass, Feb 13, 2007.

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    So this is for all the UK people with original Xbox's or Xbox 360's.

    It appears woolworths are trying to clear all original Xbox games.
    So far i've got:
    Burnout Revenge : £4
    Farcry Instincts Predator : £5
    Conflict Global Storm : £2.97
    Xbox DVD Playback kit: £2.47
    And today i just got.
    BF2 Modern Combat : £2.47
    Guy at till just went bloody hell when i asked him to check price lol.

    Anyways as the most recent two things were £2.47 and some other games are, i think they may have slashed it all £2.47, i'll have a look in another woolworths tomorrow and see what the prices are like there.

    Just thought i'd let you guys know, so you can enjoy the bargains aswell!

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