Two Dell mobile workstations that can be outfitted with RTX A5500 graphics cards.

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 20, 2022.

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    >10 years ago when I had to decide on powerful workhorse laptop, I went for Lenovo W520 rather than Dell Precision mostly because of thermals. Precision was throttling terribly under load, and the noise levels were nowhere close to Lenovo. Later on it turned out that the decision was good also from the durability standpoint.

    Over the years I had to be kinda on time with hardware, and Dell Precisions looked good at the first glance, but when you asked the users, they weren't amazed.

    When I got corporate-issued laptop, I didn't think it would start a friendship with sys/hardware IT staff :) The throttling was terrible on Precisions with higher-end 6, 7, and 8 series of Intel CPUs, even without any graphics load - just programmer work on big solutions. Noise was driving me insane. These were corporate laptops, so many people didn't care about them, yet even if they did, some of the laptops were falling apart. The display hinges were the worst. It looked like a solid metal thing, but it was just a tiny sheet of brushed metal covering... mostly empty space with a fragile hinge. IT (managing our hardware) people had stacks of these laptops to send for repair / from repair. The most common issues were related to power circuitry - battery not charging / not used even after battery replacement, and people complaining about throttling and noise (constant scanning was adding to this problem, but that's a different story).

    My problems were mostly gone when they got me a low-mid end ThinkPad as a replacement for high-end Precision. It had 50% less storage and RAM, but like 80% less issues at the same time.

    Lenovo had their issues over time too, like imo failed T/W 30 series. HP used to be bad imo, but they had some quality workstation machines from time to time, and over years, they started being a good option. Other company I worked for transitioned from Dell to HP despite long-term Dell investment. I use Inspiron for work too. 2nd CPU/mobo, as the 1st got fried from constant overheating. Even engineer who visited me for replacement said, that Dell shouldn't offer that CPU as the chassis and its cooling can't handle it. Perhaps they just wanted to have good "up to" numbers on their leaflets. My laptop was missing a dedicated GPU, which was an option, and if it did, the heatsink was the same size to cover them together. Insane!

    This makes me "a little bit" skeptical when it comes to Dell laptops, but it's good to see that they have huge exhaust in the rear. While I think these machines should be thicker, at least they didn't hop on <2cm bandwagon. These are good directions. The hinge looks suspicious tho... And while the thickness looks okay-ish, the wrist mount seems to be elevated more than it should. ASUS had nice early G70x laptops, which despite being think as hell, had wedge shape which made them very comfortable to use. I don't know... maybe this won't be terrible?

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