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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Grenalis, Sep 5, 2001.

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    so i fried my Gefoce2mx400 big deal it gave me a reason to by a low end radeon but now i have a problem<br>
    ok this card has 3 outputs <br>
    1 for monitor<br>
    1 for flat screen monitor w/adapter to reg monitor<br>
    1 for tv out<br>
    for some reason display properties wont even acnowledge that my tv is even connected to the vcard and i cant select it to change or enable it.<br>
    any help whit this delema would be greatly appreciated<br>
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  2. I think that first you have to use your monitor to configure the Radeon to use your TV. Goto Desktop. Right click and choose Properties. Click Settings. Go to where the you configure the Radeon for TV, monitor and other. Click on TV. If it says that it is not connected, then shut off comp. Plug in TV and monitor (diff. plugs) turn on comp. It should default to monitor. Go to where you configure the Radeon options for TV, monitor and other. Choose TV. Turn off comp. and unplug monitor from plug. Turn back on comp.<br>
    I'm not really sure because I have never used this option before. Read the paper that comes with Radeon. Should help more then I can.
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    well it was a very good sugestion but it did not work<br>
    it did default and all but its still not alowing me to choose the tv out<br>
    the button is grayed out and the connector has a red X across it<br>
    i even tryed using another adapter to no avail... i even disconnected the monitor and leaving the tv hooked up thinking it might default to that with no monitor detected but no good<br>
    any other clues guru's?<br>
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    Did you buy a OEM Radeon?

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