trying to bypass amd drivers softlimit problems

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    so i guess i will give it a try here >

    specs >
    5600xt with 22.8.2 nemesis drivers and with the PowerColor unlocked bios mod
    w10 pro 19043.
    morepowertool with the proper profile

    so im retiring my 5600xt from my pc to the mining rig but before I wanted to try to unlock its soft limit just for fun . I like doing oc and been collecting some points on hwbot for a long time. whenever I try to put more oc than its soft limit it instantly shuts down, example > max is 20% pwr limit, if I try for ex 21% it shuts down the pc. i cant get it work but at one time doing ddu and reinstalling the custom drivers I was able to draw 240w (doing 50% power limit) from the card so i somewhat managed to bypass the limit, but after a oc error it restarted and reverted , any idea? might be something with registry files?

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