Troubleshooting Intel D975XBX

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    Hi Gurus! (Long text incoming, beware)

    I had a relative come to me with her computer so I could fix it, she said it was behaving like a wacko. (I don't really understand why people approach me with tech support stuff just because I have a expensive computer lol, Im no expert)

    Well, so I checked it. Fired it up, CPU fan began to spin endless and computer would not boot. Tried a few cold boots and restarts and it finally booted. The HDD prompted that boot.ini was missing but it continued to start Windows for some reason. After a long time on the windows loading screen it took me to CHKDSK and I let it run.

    5 minutes later I heard 3 high beeps from the internal speaker and the system hangs. So I checked up the beeps on Intels website and it said that it was memory error. Sure, I have like 20 sticks of DDR2 memory in my pocket :thumbup: so I changed the RAM.

    Overfilled with self-esteem I fired it up again! Just to be greeted with the same endless spinning of the CPU. After some more cold boots It booted up and did CHKDSK again until it beeped 3 times and hangs.

    So I did boots with nearly all my RAM sticks and still got 3 beeps (memory error (yes i have cleaned the DIMMs from dust))

    Because of all this RAM changing I began to notice the LEDs in the computer fluctuating. Since the GFX is passive cooled it had no fans, So I decided to put one with fans in. When removed the GFX card it was so freaking hot, hotter than it should be. And when I inserted my 8800 GTS the fans also fluctuated when powered on.

    There had been a recent power outtake so I called my relative to ask if she was affected by it and she told me "Yes".

    - Ok so the power went out, she did not care to turn off the PSU and when the power got on it surges and something or everything short-circuited.

    Off topic: I been contacted by some more friends about their computers rebooting by no reason so I guess more people were affected by this outtage in my town.

    On topic:

    So well, I apologize for such a long post and I hope I've been thorough enough. Is everything component f*cked due to the power outtage? Or perhaps is it only the motherboard that is failing? How can I know for sure?

    Thanks for taking your time.


    When browsing or saving to bios the computer restarts and the HDD has begin to make a cracking noice.
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