Trouble isolating (potential) HW issue

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by shadowflar3, Sep 14, 2012.

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    eVGA GTX 780
    So just a bit of background info, this build is about 3 months old and hasn't given me issues yet.

    Last night while playing a graphics intensive MMO, my sound randomly started crackling, my FPS dropped, and my system froze. Thinking it was a fluke, I rebooted, reloaded my MMO, and I crashed within 20 seconds after that (after reloading). Thinking it was a potential VGA issue, I booted into my bios and checked the readings on my +12v rail, nothing out of the ordinary, 12.04v which is within spec.

    Reloaded into windows, decided to try another game, a less graphics intense game, about 30-40minutes into play, I started getting crackling and fps drops again, but this time it didn't crash, the symptoms just came and went. Did same test but instead of using the USB soundcard, used the onboard this time to the same results. This made me believe it's a real VGA issue. Reloaded to the latest 306whql drivers released 2 days ago on the nvidia site, and started the MSI Kombustor stress test. Ran that for 30mins 100% TPD, no issues detected. Decided to really stress my system out, loaded my MMO up, the stress test, + streaming music with USB soundcard. 3 hours later, no issues, no crackling, no crashing, occasional FPS lag but pretty sure that's from the texture loading into memory. Windows memory diagnostics didn't find an issue (can't run memtest86 due to lost usb stick).

    Really lost at this point, the PSU seems to check out, so does the memory, what could it be/have been? Just scared I'm gonna miss something and get screwed later.

    8g ddr3-1600
    OS on Crucial-M3 256gb
    620W PSU from OCz

    Any suggestions/help?


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