transform FX5200 into a Quadro

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by arhilover, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. arhilover

    arhilover Guest

    hy, i'm new here and i have some problems
    i have a FX5200 and i want to transform it into a Quadro.
    softquadro does not work for my type of card...
    does anyone have any ideeas?
    thanks a lot
  2. {HLH}

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    does the 5200 have a quadro counterpart?
  3. loop29

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    As far as I know there were few solutions for the 5200 to Quadro FX 500 modification, I suggest you head over to the rivatuner forums and search for the task. I can remember that there were some people that were able to do a successfull modification, but remember that softquadro was never released for the FX cards, so these are all not supported solutions and tested by the author of the program. For 5800 and 5900 you could transform the cards to quadros only on detonator drivers 44.xx to 45.28 and that was all about it, later versions of the forceware drivers had new protection schemes onboard.

  4. orenda635

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    I softmodded my FX5200 into a Quadro a while ago but I quickly changed it back. Quadros are designed for workstation stuff like graphic design, not games. You'll see a drop in performance if you do change it into one.

    I think you can do it with RivaTuner instead of SoftQuadro. Click "Customize" next you you're graphics card info and select "Low-Level System Settings". There may be a setting under "NVStrap driver" where it says Graphics Processor Configuration". That setting doesn't seem to be appearing under my RivaTuner but I know it did on my 5200. I guess it's not available for GF6 or it's only on an older version of RivaTuner. Try it and see.

  5. sykozylot

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    what would be the purpose of Quadro-ing it?
  6. arhilover

    arhilover Guest

    i'm into CAD
    i just graduated architecture institute, so i'm not into games....
    this is the purpose into Quadro-ing it....:)
    all i do is desining buildings so i use CAD every day.....
    and i realy need to know if i can transform it into a quadro...
  7. mpiskotos

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    Quadro modded geforces are excellent for use with Autocad, 3dsmax and other 3d modelling applications, because they allow the installation of the professional version of the deafult nvidia drivers, which enable the advanced opengl capabilities of the card. This means that you get viewport speed increase and the card manages high-detailed models easier. (which for the case of architectural scenes is really helpful!!!) ;)

    ok, geforce fx 5200 CAN be modded into quadro fx 500 (I've already done it in the past).
    Try looking into this particular thread which has a rather thorough guide

    Don't get confused where it says that both 5200 and 5600 are modded into fx 500. 5600 can actually be modded into Quadro FX Go 700. (I have done this mod as well). The rest of the guide is really helpful. Of, course there are other threads on quadro softmodding and also threads where people discuss 5200 mods in particular. (Try some more searches)

    DO follow the guide and DO use Detonator 42.51 by nVidia (also mind step x for 5200/5600 owners). From my experience it was the only driver that worked. So, get it, patch it with the softquadro patch and the other patches provided with rivatuner (in the way described in the guide) and then you have a fully functional pseudo-Quadro FX 500 (which is in every way equal to the original one according to several benchmarks done by different people)

    One more thing that is quite important and that is not stated in the guide is that for some specific applications, exist specific drivers by nvidia that provide even better opengl support (apart from the opengl features you will be able to manipulate through the 42.51 driver's control panel). For instance if you use 3dsmax, you should definately download MAXtreme drivers (which can only be installed if you have succesfully completed the mod) and if you use Autocad, you can get Powerdraft. Only thing you should mind, is that there is no powerdraft driver for Autocad 2005 or 2006 (afaik, not very sure on this one..). Plus, I am not sure if the powerdraft driver for 2004 is actually better than the default opengl driver of autocad. I would like to know if others have the same experience, btw.

    So, give these a try and i hope you get the quadro you want..:)
  8. Enox

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    Yes, a FX 5200 can be softmodded into a Quadro 500.
    With Rivaturner's NVIDIA patches (Protection & Softquadromod) I was able to use the 53.03 drivers.
  9. arhilover

    arhilover Guest

    thank alot!
    it i have my quadro fx 500....
    and wright now if testing it in 3ds max...
    thank again mpiskotos.....
  10. Kain

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    Tell us how it worked now please
    I want to know !!!

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