TR 3960X + RAM type?

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    Hi All!

    First time post here, looking to gain some thoughts and ideas on my new to build TR system. I have build PC's before and am looking forward to building this one. I'm still on an old i7-6700k so I hope to gain a lot. I'll use the machine professionally as a 3d artist, for both rendering and various types of simulations.

    I'm opting for:
    TR 3960x
    64GB RAM (at first, upgrade to 128GB later)
    Gigabyte TRX40 AORUS MASTER

    All the rest is not worth getting into now, I'll figure it out.
    I know gen. 1 and 2 where finicky with memory modules, and I've watched some video's and blogs that gen. 3 is a lot better. I've also seen some tech reviewers claiming 3600Mhz is the sweet spot icm with the infinity fabric setup inside the TR. I'm willing to believe all that and look for confirmation on this point.
    The next thing is the timings, I see for a 3600 module there's different timings, I know in general what is meant by it, but I don't know how much of a difference a (CL16) 16-16-16-36 module is faster then say a (CL17) 17-19-19-39. There's definitely a price difference, but I'm not sure I should worry about it too much.
    I'm looking at G.Skill Trident Z (or Neo, but don't care about RGB).

    So in conclusion:
    1. is the 3600 module a clear winner for a 3960X?
    2. What difference do the timings make on the module?
    3. Is there a better alternative to the G.Skill memory set?
    4. Is there a list of compatible RAM for this CPU and board? (couldn't find one myself)
    5. Are then any other things I need to seriously consider with the above components?

    I'd like to thank you for reading and look forward to some more insights on my questions!


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