Toyota Starlet EP80 Radiator

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by Peter Buxu, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Hi guys, first of all hope that you are good!! =D

    Currently I have a Toyota Starlet EP80 1991 year of manufacture & I'm into buying a new radiator for my car, because its time to do so!!

    I came across this one onto ebay:

    As far as I am concerned the EP80, shares the same chassis as that of the EP82 & so as a result it should fit without any problems! Because I contacted the ebay seller & told me: "that he can't guarantee the fitment onto my car", but as I said earlier they share the same chassis. Any thoughts or advices would be highly appreciated.....Many thanks & have a nice day :cheers: =)
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    I would ask on a vintage Toyota forum. You are not going to be able to return an open radiator that you tried to install. Having the same chassis does not mean the radiator is the same. Unless the engines are identical, then the shared chassis means nothing.

    If you really need that specific radiator and can't find one for your model year, I would look on a website like Rockauto and look at radiators for both model years, then compare the part numbers to determine if they are the same. Even that is not a guarantee, but that is as close as you can get short of trying to install the part.

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