top 10 world war 2 shooters

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    In the Objective matches in MoH, where team damage was on, I sometimes used to wipe out my whole team at the start using all my grenades first then chasing after the survivors with my smg. But, because I was still alive, the match of five ( or ten ) minutes would continue. The opposition would "break through" to our side but find no enemy ! They would not see the flaming of my team to know what happened because they only see their own team's words LOL. Was ist das ? No enemy ?
    I am hiding , crouched down doing nothing, to make everyone wait the whole time for the next match.
    It worked best where the opposition weren't the ones who had to set the bomb or whatever, otherwise they could do that and just finish the match. Obviously, you needed there to be no admin in the game at the time.


    Anyone else got match trolling stories to tell ?
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    COD2 for me, it was one of the greatest game I played at the time. Remember trading Far Cry 1 for it.

    To think what COD has become... :I
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    1942 and RTCW.
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    Brothers In Arms - Hells Highway....loved it


    CoD ....original

    Brothers In Arms - Road To Hill 30

    Brothers In Arms - Earned In Blood

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    Loved HD2. It would be great to see a remake of it on the Sniper Elite V2 engine.
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    The Saboteur is awesome.
    And the visual style of it is beyond fantastic.

    Thanks. :)
    I really liked the first CoD and the expansions for MoH: AA... but, to me... CoD didn't find it's stride until United Offensive.
    And, the irony that the next WW2 game from them I liked was World at War.

    To me, WW2 stands out in a game that handles the dire stress of the war. And that's something no other game has gotten across nearly as well as Hell's Highway.
    The characters, emotion and story drive that game so damn well.
    That's the GBX team I wanted behind Aliens: Colonial Marines.... oh well.

    And, Wolfenstein... the series... I love.
    The only other way to do WW2. If you aren't going to do it with deep characterization and heart... go the camp route and throw in some occult and sci-fi zaniness.
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    That's like cutting the balls off of 95% of the games mentioned.

    I'll go with CoD2 though just because I truly, deeply loved that game.

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