Tomb Raiders2 + 3 FMV Problem With 6800GT

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    Please can someone help or offer any advice on the following:

    Tomb Raider2 + 3 FMV's no longer run on my PC under XP with any detonators on my 6800GT. I am currently using 71.89's on default settings.

    In the past TR2 + 3 would run under W98SE with the same 6800GT + other hardware but eversince I bought a +SATA HD I can no longer install W98SE as my Motherboard Bios does not support 98 + SATA devices.

    The actual games run fine under XP just the FMV's do not work even if you try to play them standalone using a freeware Eidos FMV viewer.

    If I install Virtual PC & play them in the W98SE emulator window the FMV's work fine but the ingame GFX are junk as it only emulates an 8MB S3 GFX card.

    Perhaps some setting in the detonators may be causing the problem. Could it be related to the native resolution of the FMV's (320x160 interlaced) as I know XP cannot handle low res I tried to add a custom screen in the detonators control panel but still does not work.

    Does anyone have any ideas or even know where I start to try & sort this mess out under XP?

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