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  1. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>Originally posted by The 1 Tweaker:<br>
    <b>I think I know what is FuXoR'd up.....<br>
    This morning, I downloaded the latest beta of DirectX 8.1 (ver. 682). After that, I installed it and rebooted. Fine. After doing that, I went to DxDiag, for curious sake. I ran the D3D and DDraw test. Direct Draw ran fine. Direct3D ran, but when it loaded the DirectX 7 test (cube with DX logo on it), I saw the same effects as the TR3/Gold program: textures squished and tiled across cube. (look at title screen pic). When I ran the DX 8 test, it looked fine. Obviously, I'm assuming that DirectX 7 is FuXoR'd up. I'm also assuming that TR3/Gold is directX 7, because the textures are messed. <br>
    I installed TR4 and it runs fine. I don't really care about DX7, because all of my games run fine.</b><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
    I fixed it. I disabled AGP tiling. Now DX7 cube test in DXDiag looks normal. <br>
    It's true: I AM THE FREAKIEST TWEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br><i>This message was edited by The 1 Tweaker on 17 Nov 2001 04:29 PM</i>

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