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    1080Ti / 290X CFX
    I was with DDR3 until a year ago , will go years before I upgrade my CPU again :D
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    Aorus RX580 XTR 8GB
    Im staying my older zen cpu then early adapt ddr5 platform. I think thats the way its meant to be played.
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    EVGA 2070 Super 8gb
    5950x & 5900x = same wattage/TDP, same with 3950x & 3900x, look @ power use on reviews featuring both CPU's.
    I have a stock 3950x on a NH-D-15-S here & works great, 81c max under sustained physics loads. Whisper quiet in a sound deadened case + barely a low hum when under load = bliss.
    Still dumps less heat into the room than my Haswell quad core heater did though.
    You can use an air cooler on 5900x/5950x but you will lose a little performance on sustained loads, as Ryzen clocks down further the warmer it gets. An air cooler on 3900x/3950x, provided it is as good as a NH D15 shouldn't be an obvious hit to performance. When you get up to 80c you'll end up dropping off turbo clocks completely and going to stock clock speeds. Hit 85c and CPU will drop below stock clocks to save itself a roasting. These temps are a rough approximation of what happens, but basically every few degrees warmer the CPU will clock down a little bit more by 25~50mhz per step. 3000/5000 series CPU's have more granularity to the steps vs the older 12nm and 14nm models of the 2000 and 1000 series. So the cooler you keep it, the faster it goes.
    Stock the 3950x sits around 4.2~4.25ghz all-core at typical temps of mixed loads, vs 4.05ghz~4.125ghz when it's getting a little warm towards 70-something-c.
    I've only seen it go down to stock clocks under load when it goes under Prime 95 Small FFT's (this was deliberate, to see just how hot I could get it and what happened etc). Not even my all-core physics loads will make it clock down to stock clocks.

    For those with an Asus X570 TUF Gaming board, I can relate you will likely have good experience with this motherboard. Have one here & It's a very solid board for the price with plenty of features. I can't vouch for Curve Optimizer features, as I've never touched it (my BIOS doesn't have it in, it's an older BIOS, I don't change things like that mid-life-cycle on a system unless it's necessary).

    Enjoy the 5950x's. I'd love to get one, but just can't justify it over the 3950x I've currently got + don't do liquid cooling stuff here due to using it for game development stuffs (so I wouldn't realize most of the performance uplift).
    So enjoy it for me please!
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