To what extent does a H67/H61 motherboard "not allow overclocking" compared to a Z68?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by ssohall, May 23, 2011.

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    I was going through the MSI Z68A-GD80 motherboard review and it says that "H67 is directed at mainstream, does not allow any overclocking yet comes with monitor output support like HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort"

    Could someone plz explain to what extent does a H67/H61 motherboard "not allow overclocking" compared to a Z68.

    Also most of the H61/H67 boards have OC Genie II, so will i be able to overclock a K series processor using that feature (i will be using discrete gpu of course)

    plz help Iam n00b @ overclocking
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    Well with SB you can't change the FSB/BClock/QPI like you used to, not over 2 or 3 % anyway, so most OCing is multi based, hence the K-edition unlocked CPUs. With non-K CPUs you can OC upto 4 multis (400 MHz) over the Max Turbo Freq. as I understand, but thats on P67, as for H61/H67, I'm not even sure you can do that. Chances are the power section on a H board won't be anywhere near as good for OCing as a P or Z series, so you're probably better getting a P or Z board for that reason, and IIRC, P and Z also allow for faster RAM speeds too.

    Hope that helps.
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    As BLEH! said.
    H67 allows full clocking of BClk only but on Sandybridge, you cant take it very far because PCI-E, PCI etc speeds are tied to it and cant be unlocked.
    So you can get hard drive corruption and other failures if you push too far on BClk (If you are lucky, you will get +7MHz, giving a 7% overclock).
    You can still clock your memory as that is independent of the CPU clocking as far as I'm aware (can this be confirmed?)

    Z series allows CPU multiplier overclocking.
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    Yeah, with SB, there are basically two ways to overclock:

    1: Increase BClk
    2: Increase base multiplyer

    On non-P67/Z68 boards, you can't increase the multiplyer for k series CPU's, leaving you with just option 1. Problem is, the BClk also controls the PCI-E bus, which does NOT like any value other then 100, so you have VERY limited OC room. We're talking MHz here, as in, <1% OC's.

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