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  1. :) :) I just downloaded and installed nVHardPage. Nice program, Works very well, has nice Info built in to describe the feature you are about to adjust (Great for people that know very little, and even for people that know a lot but overlook a few things) *Like me :p *

    I have a few suggestions I would like to make on the program. Do not take this as anything other than a helpfull idea that you might want to try out, as I already said the program works great.

    The first problem I noticed was, if I tried to move the programn around I could not. As silly as it sounds I have always hated trhings I cant position around my screen. You may have done this for a reason. I am unsure.

    The next problem I found was one which should be fixed (in my opinion) To re create the problem do following steps.

    #1 Open up a Web Browsing Window, Notepad Window, or some other window that will allow you to maximize it. Maximize the window and leave it open.

    #2 - With the window still open and maximized, start up your program or if it is Already running. bring it up so that it is on top of the maximized window you opened up in the previous step.

    #3 Click on the about tab in the nVHardPage program. This will Bring up the Authors comments and other goodies he/she wants you to read.

    #4 Now (do NOT close the Message window you just opened by hitting the button **Leave this open**) and click on the other window you opened earlier. This will put your program in the background behind the maximized window.

    #5 Now click on the taskbar to bring your program up. You cannot Alt tab to bring it up for some reason.

    #6 get back to your program and you will now notice the help window is still open, But it is behind the main program window. This prevents you from doing anything in the main window. You have to very carefully click on the tiny edge of the help window to bring it on top again to be able to close it and continue on using the program.

    I hope there is some way you can solve this little bug I found.

    Other than these small problems I found, the program works great and I applaud the effort put into the Free program.

  2. Forgot to add my thoughts on possible solution to that bug

    One thing that I thought might solve the issue is to set the about window to be always on top or have a higher priority than the main window so it stays on top of the main window until you close it.

    If this is not possible, you might just make the about window a little larger so it is easier to pull back on top of the main window until a solution is developed.

    Just wanted to add that and on a last note, this is the first tme I have been at the Guru3D website and would like to say Iam impressed and have added you to my favorites area so I can visit back on a frequent basis.

    Keep up the good work
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    Hi and thanxxx for suggestions. I know about this bugs, but is little hard to correct it.

    Nice to read you :D


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