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Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Olombo, Nov 13, 2006.

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    well after reading a lot in this Forum I decided to organise a 6800 to try make it Quadro. The last 2 days I have read a lot here but still I can not get it working.

    Maybe it is just because my English is not so perfect and makes it sometimes for me extremely difficult to read the long Threads; but please try to help me!

    I installed RT; Found the 6800. RT Says NV41 and A2. So what I read in the other Threads it should be modable, right?

    Then I install the Nvstrap and activate Quadro; professional capabilities and restart. After restart RT does not further recognise what Graphic Card Type it is and also installing any Forceware is not possible (unsupportet Hardware; tried with forceware for Geforce and Quadro.... both the newest from nvidia).

    What am I doing wrong? Hope to get some help finding here the answer in English is getting hard for me....

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    There are tons of posts that explicitly say "NV41 / NV42 are totally and completely locked and non modable", so I really don't understand how you have missed them... :rolleyes:

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