to all the people wanting to install any driver but CANT due to insupport / legacy

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    go to C:\AMD\AMD_Radeon_HD_7790_12.101.2.1-130313a\Packages\Drivers\Display for instance and the top one will be 32 bit and the w86a for instance will be 64. open whichever and go to the b folder and copy the batch file provided and run it. it should copy everything to where it should go. or get into safe mdoe and do it from there and just reboot and thats it. no need to stuff around in the infs as they stay as they are so you could have any device but in theory it should work as i have had heaps of issues with the manual installs not always working. and make a backup of the files getting replaced if you want but its super simple its works well. if bad occurs just get into safe mode and unstall the device and windows will pick it up again at startup . have fun

    One side effect is it wont show its installed since the system thinks its the old one but the main thing is the drivers are working. so its best to usully install as you normally would but if it wont or cant as your cards id isnt in then just do this. this should work for nvidia too as i used to user it but obviously use at your own risk batch.bat

    other handy stuff non present devices.bat
    run this and it will open up the device manager and click on view show hidden and you will be amazed at all the stuff windows thinks you have installed from old ghost devices.i personally clean everything out thats greyed out within reason as worse it might have to resistall the windows drivers automatically. AGAIN AT your own risk . if you BEEP up its your fault not mine. and i also disable thje following for gaming. DMA controller (huh yes i know what it is and worse it can be enabled but perf is better for me. and these days who hasnt got enough cores with ipc blah blah. always get the latest drivers of EVERYTHIING. the latest lanm controllers the latest evertything as they are sometimes the diofffernce between a slow system nad fast one which is why station-drivers are made of win. obviously get your vid drivers from here but for all else the french and dreadfully designed site is great. i always have the latest intel chipset drivers in particular. and you'l lneed to do this or they work properly. right click adn drag on the intel inf driver once its been extracted and type -overall to its path . this will properlly install everything and makes a big diff. personally i also disable usb controllers not being used as theres huge cpu overehad. some other time ill discuss the registry
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    I don't get this at all. I was doing this 10+ years ago when it had some questionable benefits.
    Today that stuff may get you minor boost which will stay in range of error and therefore unmeasurable/nonexistent.
    And overwriting system libraries... good for those who have reason to do it.
    Like replacing d3d9.dll (renamed original to something like d3d9_orig.dll)with wrapper you want to run always and then pointing it's outputs to renamed dll.

    I can't advice broad public to even try to do those things above or mess with hidden devices.
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    I don't even know what is the guy trying to achieve, but it reminds me of PAX sound drivers (=I don't know what the heck am I doing, but I enter random numbers somewhere and adding nonexistant settings, spraying placebo out of my ears telling the world how I am the new Daniel_K).
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    Link doesn't work.

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