TNT2/Viper550 has Really Blurry Text! Fix??

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by gregusan, Apr 2, 2001.

  1. gregusan

    gregusan Guest

    Anyone else have this problem? The text gets worse as you increase the refresh rate. At 70hz, it's barely acceptable, but still not clear. At the "optimal" 140hz, it'll give you a headache.<br>
    I've tried the proper Diamond drivers, plus generic Nvidia 5.13, but no improvement.<br>
    My system is a K6-500, via mvp3 chipset motherboard.<br>
    Anyone know of a fix for this? Please let me know, <br>
    E mail me at Thanx!<br>
    Ps.. I've also tried the card on another K6 system... same thing.<br>
    However, when trying it in a friend's slot 1 athlon 600, it seems to be clear? What's going on here?

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