Tnt M64 And The Internet

Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Toe, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Toe

    Toe Guest

    Ok I don't know if anyone else gets this<br>
    I'm running a Riva TNT2 M64 3mb Ram on Agp<br>
    And when i connect to the internet after about five minutes if i go to play a game, it is really slow and what seems like crappy frame rates. If i play a game it has to be after a reset.<br>
    I'm running:<br>
    1ghz Amd Athlon<br>
    Via Chipset Asus k7V motherboard<br>
    256 mb Ram 100mhz<br>
    Vibra 128 Soundcard<br>
    Any suggestions! Please it is really annoying me <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif">
  2. stefan

    stefan Guest

    Hmm, thats gotta be a typo, right?<br>
    32 mb, right?<br>
    I got a tnt2 vanta(same 64 bit memory bandwith)<br>
    I use a utility before gaming that frees up memory that windows somehow "leaks". Even after fresh boot, i get up to 75 mb free memory,<br>
    after freeingup it is like 95 mb. <br>
    Try this for instance Winram turboFRee, go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><br>
    IF the problem is low on free mem, then this will remedy it.<br>
    Although it seems you have got plenty to spare, so maybe..?<br>
  3. stefan

    stefan Guest

    Oh i forgot,<br>
    Sometimes online games will limit frames by setting a maxframerate,so nobody goes from 120+ to 25 . Older voodoo boards had this choice, preventing gameplay from becoming too hard because of wildly swinging framerates.<br>
    I think remember that you can set this in UT somewhere, under network, tcp/ip; client rate . I believe so<br>
    Serveradministrators can set this to even out frames for optimal gaming online.<br>
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