Titan Xp + Raijintek Morpheus II Core Edition = 2 Thumbs Up.

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    Saw this cooler the other week, very tempted to try out this bad boy on one of my Titan Xp.

    This Titan Xp is in our Gaming Pc.

    Before going into performance, The Fans I used were:

    2 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial PPC-3000 PWM

    Thermal paste of choice used: Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut

    I would like to say one thing before going any further, The thermal tape that comes with this = 2 thumbs down, it will not stick it all, even if you applied pressure to the heatsink to it for a bit, nope, it will come off instantly...

    Everything is on now, I made sure that they will not drop or move but this is just only a Temp, I got Thermal Glue coming in next week along with other heatsinks.

    I'll provide some pictures later once I get the Thermal Glue and the heatsinks all on.

    Just for reference, the stock cooler had MX-4 thermal paste.

    I am going to compare both Stock Cooler + MX-4 thermal Paste & This bad boy + Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut...

    Also, I used the: nvidia-smi -I 0 -pl 300 within the CMD line for increased power, already checked and it works perfectly, you can do this from your Program Files > Nvidia Corporation > NVSMI and just copy and paste the CMD to the folder, make sure you run the CMD as Admin otherwise it won't work, I have seen the card, through the osd(Not accurate), over 317w, so please keep this in mind that I am going to be using the 300W Test on both Stock and the Aftermarket Cooler, thanks.

    Now for the temp differences:

    Ambient room temp: About 72-73 degrees fahrenheit.

    All Test was done in an open air case (Fractal Design/Mesihfy 2 XL).

    Program Used: Unigine Heaven 4.0 @ 4k/Max Settings Including AA

    Stock Cooler @ 100% Fan Speed = 63c/64c Max

    Morpheus II Core Edition Cooler + 2 Noctua NF-F12 Fans @ 100% Fan Speed = 46c/47c Max.

    Now for more interesting testing, stock cooler fan, I put it to where it sounded reasonable, Can't really remember the Fan % was but it was alot less noiser, I believe the stock cooler can go high as 82db, talk about being loud and it is very very loud, for me, its ok, I can bear with it, but for most, very, very noisy, so I cranked the fan down to where it sounded reasonable, I didn't have a db meter on hand, but I was going by loudness, I tested this way, and the stock cooler dished out 72c to I believe it was 74c.

    Now, to get around the same area of loudness while using the 2 Noctua NF-F12 Fans, I had to crank the speed % all the way down to about 44%, I went back to Unigine Heaven 4.0 with same settings as mentioned above, tested for like 30+ mins, and the temps were maxing out at around 54c to 56c.

    So in conclusion, you will experience up to 20c in reduction of temps with this cooler, for me, I give it 2 thumbs up easy, the only down fall, as stated before, was the thermal tape, infact, I would completely diss the whole thermal tape completely, if your very serious of doing this, I would use an Thermal Adhesive/Glue and make sure the heatsinks will stay.

    Also, be extremely care when you tighten the Mounting stand screws, as if you over tighten it to much, it will become loose, so after it becomes loose, when you try to re-tighten it, it will just go around and around, so be absolutely careful on this, even in this condition, it is perfectly ok, just heads up on it, I would personally tighten the stand off screws by hand, not by a hand tool as it could lead to over tightening the screw stand offs.

    Again, I'll provide some pictures later once I get my stuff in next week.

    I am also going to be doing some liquid metal cooling with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut + Conformal Coating.

    Here are some video Reviews:

    Liquid Metal on a 1080ti + Morpheus II Cooler:

    I'll post some pictures once the other stuff arrives.
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    I have run previously on my two Titan X SC Raijintek Morpheus for while and love that setup although its quite thick but is well worth it to that if you are looking for great temperatures and almost no noise(fan depending)

    Raijintek Morpheus should dissipate quite easily 300W, didn't tested it on RTX 3090 or 3080 but I would guess temperatures would be pretty much on par with best air coolers from Asus

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura
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    4 GTX 970-Quad Sli
    Sorry for not updating on this earlier

    I tried doing my first Liquid Metal installation with 3 layers of conformal coating(Around the Gpu Die/Resistors, W/Thermal Grizzly TG Shield), and the results? Ergh, not quite good.

    After doing my installation, I turned on Unigine Heaven 4.0, about 4-5 seconds into the benchmark, the program hanged and it was spewing out very usually looking hues of colors, the actual graphics from the benchmark was in static mode(Not moving) while the colors were changing rapidly.

    I then put the speeds to stock default did the same thing again.

    I then took the dang thing apart, notice there was some Liquid Metal on the conformal coating, I did some cleaning, and put the thermal paste instead, this time, it worked but I notice my temps were kinda higher then they should be, next, I took the heatsink apart, one of the screw stand off, was loose, if you try to tighten it, it will just go in around and around, but I managed to keep it secure this time, and after I turned on my system, there was no video signal.

    I put this card another slot and put a good working card in the main slot to see if the device manager can pick it up, nope.

    Took the card apart and inspected it, looks fine to me, tried it more times over, no video signal, so I said yup, card is gone.

    However, I still managed to hook up this cooler on another good working Titan Xp, and this time I used Thermal Grizzly: Kyronaut, and everything is working top notch.

    Also an update on the thermal glue: Its working very very well, So many times better then those good for nothing thermal tape, Absolutely lousy, no more thermal tape for me compared to this, forget it.

    While cleaning the Liquid Metal off the cooler, seems its looking fine, some slight stains but nothing bad.

    I then tried one more time on the Liquid metal on one of my 980ti hybrids.

    I checked temps from using the Liquid Metal and Kyronaut, and guess what, the Kyronaut performed pretty much identical, I have seen like 1c cooler on the Kyronaut when compared to the conductonaut, so in the end, is it worth switching and going through all of this? Absolutely no, stick with Kyronaut, you will be much happier, heard it works excellent when delidding cpu but that's something I never done so I can not comment on that.

    Here are some pictures I took of my current Titan Xp along with the Morpheus II Core Cooler, and yes, I used Quite a bit of thermal glue, I wanted to make 100% sure that absolutely nothing will be falling out, stuff works wonders, curing time on this is like 24 hours, but I would suggest waiting up to 48 hours and have to have something to press it down a little to make sure it is secure.

    Picture #1:


    Picture #2:


    Picture #3:


    Picture #4:


    Picture #5:

    Side View.jpg

    Everything now works Excellent.

    One thing people must be aware about when changing to this cooler and or might want to use the thermal glue, the Vrm's themselves, runs Extremely, Extremely hot, I had to put another Copper Heatsinks on top of the one that was shown on the above pictures, I didn't take a picture with the double layer copper heatsink on the Vrm's, but yes, its working excellent now, sucker runs Extremely hot, enough to burn your stinkin' hands off like in 4 seconds, defin't not in the 90's C, I know they are known to run extremely hot an its normal but just heads up on it.

    The Black heatsinks on top of the chokes, even though they won't run no where near as hot as the Vrm's, I had some heatsink's left over and I decided to use them.

    The Copper Vram heatsinks, the 4 on the left, you will notice, they are no where near as tall as the Alpha Cool ones, Reason being is that, the actual heatpipe from the Morpheus II Core Heatsink, it will touch the Alpha Cool Vram heatsink, so I had to use something shorther, those of you who want's to install this cooler, be very strongly aware of this.

    Gpu Temps(Ambient Temps: 75 Degrees Fahrenheit):

    If my fans are at 100%, under 50 C on load(Unigine Heaven 4.0), if I put my fans to where I can tolerate at, about 65%, Its about 51c-54c(While the case is open, if the case is closed, about 56c(Fan Speed: 55%) range, and yes, that is with an 140mm(High Speed) Fan, right directly on the side of the gpu.

    Had everything installed for almost what? Well over a week or so, Glue Works Absolute Fabulous.

    Thermal Glue I used:

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    So here are the current temps(While the case is closed), used the infrared thermometer, here are the temps, rather interesting:

    Vram(Alphacool Heatsink): 41c
    Vram(Smaller heatsink/left): 41c-42c
    Vram(Back of pcb): 54.6c
    Chokes: 42c
    Vrm's(back/misc heatsinks): 46c+
    Vrms(Left Side(Double Heatsink Layer): 40c
    Vrms(Right side): 1st Heatsink Layer: 55c/2nd Layer: 41c

    Those Vrm's don't seem 41c, they seem Alot higher but that's what it says:

    Far as Gpu Temps(Fan Speed @ 63%), Played Doom Eternal for good 1+hr or so, while the case is open, 52c, while the case is closed: 53c to 54c, excellent temps.


    Thermal Paste used: Kingpin Kpx
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