Time to get more themes/skins?

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by mantra_sone, Dec 23, 2003.

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    The virtue that possession
    I don't really want to bother most of you seeing as you have other work and this is just optional if you want. Though, I think it's time Guru3D get a new face-lift, don't you agree? :)
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    You have no idea how much work it can take man!!
    This is a list of all the different sections of a forum skin. Granted many of these dont have to change. But you have to work with global colours and only partial sections of code at a time.

    Ants Guru3D Templates [edit] [remove] [add template] [show all] [collapse groups]
    Custom templates
    forumhome_todayloggedinuser [edit] [remove]
    forumhome_todayloggedinusers [edit] [remove]
    msg_pmfullmailbox [edit] [remove]
    msg_pminvalidrecipient [edit] [remove]
    msg_pmrecipok [edit] [remove]
    msg_pmrecipturnedoff [edit] [remove]
    standardmsg [edit] [remove]
    Default templates
    activateform [change original]
    activate_requestemail [change original]
    aim [change original]
    aimmessage [change original]
    announcebit [change original]
    announcement [change original]
    avatar [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    avatarbit [change original]
    avatars [change original]
    bbcode [change original]
    Calendar Templates [expand]
    calendar [change original]
    calendarbit [change original]
    calendarbit_bg [change original]
    calendarbit_today [change original]
    calendar_birthday [change original]
    calendar_convert [change original]
    calendar_daybits [change original]
    calendar_daylink [change original]
    calendar_daynames_friday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_monday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_saturday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_sunday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_thursday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_tuesday [change original]
    calendar_daynames_wednesday [change original]
    calendar_deleteevent [change original]
    calendar_enterevent [change original]
    calendar_getbirthdays [change original]
    calendar_getday [change original]
    calendar_hasbirthday [change original]
    calendar_postedby [change original]
    calendar_privateevent [change original]
    calendar_privateeventbutton [change original]
    calendar_publicevent [change original]
    calendar_publiceventbutton [change original]
    calendar_showbirthdays [change original]
    coppaform [change original]
    editpoll [change original]
    editpost [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    editpost_attachment [change original]
    Email Subject Templates [expand]
    emailsubject_activateaccount [change original]
    emailsubject_activateaccount_change [change original]
    emailsubject_lostpw [change original]
    emailsubject_moderator [change original]
    emailsubject_newuser [change original]
    emailsubject_notify [change original]
    emailsubject_parentcoppa [change original]
    emailsubject_pmfullbox [change original]
    emailsubject_pmreceived [change original]
    emailsubject_reportbadpost [change original]
    emailsubject_resetpw [change original]
    Email Templates [expand]
    email_activateaccount [change original]
    email_activateaccount_change [change original]
    email_lostpw [change original]
    email_moderator [change original]
    email_newuser [change original]
    email_notify [change original]
    email_parentcoppa [change original]
    email_pmboxfull [change original]
    email_pmreceived [change original]
    email_reportbadpost [change original]
    email_resetpw [change original]
    email_sendtofriend [change original]
    email_usermessage [change original]
    email_validated [change original]
    Error Message Templates [expand]
    error_activatedthanks [change original]
    error_activate_moderation [change original]
    error_activate_wrongusergroup [change original]
    error_alreadyregistered [change original]
    error_attachbaddimensions [change original]
    error_attachbadtype [change original]
    error_attacherror [change original]
    error_attachexists [change original]
    error_attachtoobig [change original]
    error_avatarbaddimensions [change original]
    error_avatarbadurl [change original]
    error_avatardisabled [change original]
    error_avatarmoreposts [change original]
    error_avatarnotimage [change original]
    error_avatartoobig [change original]
    error_avataruploaderror [change original]
    error_bademail [change original]
    error_badimagecheck [change original]
    error_badreferrer [change original]
    error_banemail [change original]
    error_banip [change original]
    error_birthdayfield [change original]
    error_buddypm_fullbox [change original]
    error_buddypm_nopermission [change original]
    error_buddypm_nousers [change original]
    error_buddypm_toomany [change original]
    error_calendarbaddate [change original]
    error_calendardisabled [change original]
    error_calendareventexists [change original]
    error_calendarfieldmissing [change original]
    error_calendarhack [change original]
    error_cantlistself [change original]
    error_cantsplitall [change original]
    error_cantsplitone [change original]
    error_censorfield [change original]
    error_cookieclear [change original]
    error_disabledpmreceipts [change original]
    error_edittimelimit [change original]
    error_emaildisabled [change original]
    error_emailflood [change original]
    error_emailmismatch [change original]
    error_emailtaken [change original]
    error_fieldmissing [change original]
    error_floodcheck [change original]
    error_forumclosed [change original]
    error_forumnoreply [change original]
    error_forwardpm_toomany [change original]
    error_invalidactivateid [change original]
    error_invalidemail [change original]
    error_invalidid [change original]
    error_invalidsession [change original]
    error_invalidvote [change original]
    error_ipdisabled [change original]
    error_listbaduser [change original]
    error_listignoreuser [change original]
    error_mergebadurl [change original]
    error_mergewithself [change original]
    error_moderateuser [change original]
    error_moveillegalforum [change original]
    error_movesameforum [change original]
    error_noid [change original]
    error_noip [change original]
    error_nomemberlist [change original]
    error_nomemberlistsearch [change original]
    error_nomessage [change original]
    error_nonextnewest [change original]
    error_nonextoldest [change original]
    error_nopermission_loggedin [change original]
    error_nopermission_loggedout [change original]
    error_nopolloptionselected [change original]
    error_noquestionoption [change original]
    error_noreason [change original]
    error_noregister [change original]
    error_nosplitposts [change original]
    error_nosubject [change original]
    error_nousername [change original]
    error_passwordmismatch [change original]
    error_pmadminoff [change original]
    error_pmfloodcheck [change original]
    error_pmfullmailbox [change original]
    error_pminvalidrecipient [change original]
    error_pmnoselected [change original]
    error_pmnotchecked [change original]
    error_pmrecipturnedoff [change original]
    error_pmtoolong [change original]
    error_pmturnedoff [change original]
    error_pollalready [change original]
    error_pollclosed [change original]
    error_previewtoomanyimages [change original]
    error_registeremail [change original]
    error_requiredfieldmissing [change original]
    error_requiredfields [change original]
    error_resetbadid [change original]
    error_resetexpired [change original]
    error_resetpw [change original]
    error_searchdisabled [change original]
    error_searchfloodcheck [change original]
    error_searchinvalidterm [change original]
    error_searchnametooshort [change original]
    error_searchnoresults [change original]
    error_searchspecifyterms [change original]
    error_showemail [change original]
    error_threadrateclosed [change original]
    error_threadratevoted [change original]
    error_toobusy [change original]
    error_toolong [change original]
    error_toomanyimages [change original]
    error_unregistereduser [change original]
    error_useralreadyvote [change original]
    error_usernametaken [change original]
    error_usernametoolong [change original]
    error_usernametooshort [change original]
    error_usernoemail [change original]
    error_usernopost [change original]
    error_whosonlinedisabled [change original]
    error_wrongpassword [change original]
    error_wrongusername [change original]
    FAQ Templates [expand]
    faq [change original]
    faq1 [change original]
    faq2 [change original]
    faq3 [change original]
    footer [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    Forum Display Templates [expand]
    forumdisplay [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumdisplaybit [change original]
    forumdisplaybit_threadrate [change original]
    forumdisplay_adminoptions [change original]
    forumdisplay_announcement [change original]
    forumdisplay_announcementsonly [change original]
    forumdisplay_forumbit_level1_nopost [change original]
    forumdisplay_forumbit_level1_post [change original]
    forumdisplay_forumbit_level2_nopost [change original]
    forumdisplay_forumbit_level2_post [change original]
    forumdisplay_forumslist [change original]
    forumdisplay_gotonew [change original]
    forumdisplay_loggedinuser [change original]
    forumdisplay_loggedinusers [change original]
    forumdisplay_moderatedby [change original]
    forumdisplay_moderator [change original]
    forumdisplay_multipagenav [change original]
    forumdisplay_multipagenav_more [change original]
    forumdisplay_multipagenav_pagenumber [change original]
    forumdisplay_newthreadlink [change original]
    forumdisplay_nothreads [change original]
    forumdisplay_sortarrow [change original]
    forumdisplay_threadslist [change original]
    forumdisplay_threadslist_rateoption [change original]
    forumdisplay_threadslist_threadrate [change original]
    Forum Home Page Templates [expand]
    forumhome [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_birthdaybit [change original]
    forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_forumbit_level1_post [change original]
    forumhome_forumbit_level2_nopost [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_forumbit_level2_post [change original]
    forumhome_lastpostby [change original]
    forumhome_loggedinuser [change original]
    forumhome_loggedinusers [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_logincode [change original]
    forumhome_logoutcode [change original]
    forumhome_moderator [change original]
    forumhome_newposts [change original]
    forumhome_pmloggedin [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_todayposts [change original]
    forumhome_unregmessage [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    forumhome_welcometext [change original]
    forumjump [change original]
    forumjumpbit [change original]
    forumrules [change original]
    User Info Display Templates [expand]
    getinfo [change original]
    getinfo_birthday [change original]
    getinfo_customfields [change original]
    getinfo_referrals [change original]
    getinfo_sendpm [change original]
    gobutton [change original]
    header [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    headinclude [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    head_newpm [change original]
    icq [change original]
    listbit [change original]
    listedit [change original]
    lostpw [change original]
    mailform [change original]
    Member List Templates [expand]
    memberlist [change original]
    memberlistbit [change original]
    memberlistsearch [change original]
    memberlist_letter [change original]
    memberlist_letterselected [change original]
    User Option Templates [expand]
    modifyavatar [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    modifyavatarbit [change original]
    modifyavatar_custom [change original]
    modifyavatar_customupload [change original]
    modifyavatar_customwebsite [change original]
    modifycoppa [change original]
    modifyoptions [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    modifyoptions_maxposts [change original]
    modifyoptions_stylecell [change original]
    modifyoptions_styleset [change original]
    modifyparentemail [change original]
    modifypassword [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    modifyprofile [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    modifyprofile_customtext [change original]
    navbar [change original]
    nav_joiner [change original]
    nav_linkoff [change original]
    nav_linkon [change original]
    New Posting Templates [expand]
    newpoll [change original]
    newpost_attachment [change original]
    newpost_disablesmiliesoption [change original]
    newpost_postpreview [change original]
    newreply [change original]
    newreply_ratethread [change original]
    newthread [change original]
    newthread_postpoll [change original]
    Page Navigation Templates [expand]
    pagenav [change original]
    pagenav_curpage [change original]
    pagenav_firstlink [change original]
    pagenav_lastlink [change original]
    pagenav_nextlink [change original]
    pagenav_pagelink [change original]
    pagenav_prevlink [change original]
    phpinclude [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    Polling Templates [expand]
    polleditbit [change original]
    pollnewbit [change original]
    polloption [change original]
    polloption_multiple [change original]
    pollpreview [change original]
    pollresult [change original]
    pollresults [change original]
    Postbit Templates [expand]
    postbit [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    postbit_attachment [change original]
    postbit_attachmentimage [change original]
    postbit_avatar [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    postbit_buddy [change original]
    postbit_editedby [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    postbit_homepage [change original]
    postbit_ignore [change original]
    postbit_ip_hidden [change original]
  3. Ant

    Ant Don Michael Corleone

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    2 x Inno3D 9600GT 512MB

    postbit_ip_show [change original]
    postbit_offline [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    postbit_online [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    postbit_profile [change original]
    postbit_search [change original]
    postbit_sendpm [change original]
    postbit_signature [change original]
    postbit_useremail [change original]
    posticonbit [change original]
    posticons [change original]
    printthread [change original]
    printthreadbit [change original]
    Private Messaging Templates [expand]
    privfolder [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    privfolder_bit [change original]
    privfolder_deletedbit [change original]
    privfolder_denyreceipt [change original]
    privfolder_massforward [change original]
    privfolder_messages [change original]
    privfolder_nomessages [change original]
    privmsg [change original]
    privmsg_nextnewest [change original]
    privmsg_nextoldest [change original]
    privsent [change original]
    privsent_emailnotified [change original]
    privsent_nomessages [change original]
    privsent_readmessagebit [change original]
    privsent_readmessages [change original]
    privsent_restorecancelled [change original]
    privsent_unreadmessagebit [change original]
    privsent_unreadmessages [change original]
    privsent_useroffline [change original]
    privsent_useronline [change original]
    priv_buddymasspmlink [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    priv_choosebuddies [change original]
    priv_choosebuddybit [change original]
    priv_dateselect [change original]
    priv_forwardmultiple [change original]
    priv_forwardmultiple_titlebit [change original]
    priv_forwardtobuddylink [change original]
    priv_readreceiptslink [change original]
    priv_readreceiptsoption [change original]
    priv_reply [change original]
    priv_requestreceipt [change original]
    priv_sendprivmsg [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    priv_sendtobuddies [change original]
    priv_sendtobuddies_name [change original]
    priv_senttomultiple [change original]
    priv_showfolders [change original]
    priv_showfolders_folderbit [change original]
    quotereply [change original]
    Redirection Message Templates [expand]
    redirect_addlist [change original]
    redirect_calendaraddevent [change original]
    redirect_calendardeleteevent [change original]
    redirect_calendarupdateevent [change original]
    redirect_deletepost [change original]
    redirect_deleteposts [change original]
    redirect_deletethread [change original]
    redirect_editthanks [change original]
    redirect_editthread [change original]
    redirect_login [change original]
    redirect_lostactivatecode [change original]
    redirect_lostpw [change original]
    redirect_markread [change original]
    redirect_markreadforum [change original]
    redirect_mergethread [change original]
    redirect_movethread [change original]
    redirect_nodelete [change original]
    redirect_openclose [change original]
    redirect_pmdelete [change original]
    redirect_pmfoldersedited [change original]
    redirect_pmmove [change original]
    redirect_pmthanks [change original]
    redirect_pmtrackingdelete [change original]
    redirect_pmundelete [change original]
    redirect_pollvotethanks [change original]
    redirect_postthanks [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    redirect_registerthanks [change original]
    redirect_removelist [change original]
    redirect_reportthanks [change original]
    redirect_search [change original]
    redirect_sentemail [change original]
    redirect_splitthread [change original]
    redirect_sticky [change original]
    redirect_subsadd [change original]
    redirect_subsremove [change original]
    redirect_subsremoveall [change original]
    redirect_threadclosed [change original]
    redirect_threadrate_add [change original]
    redirect_threadrate_update [change original]
    redirect_updatelist [change original]
    redirect_updatethanks [change original]
    redirect_updatethanks_newemail [change original]
    Registration Templates [expand]
    registeradult [change original]
    registercoppa [change original]
    register_avatar [change original]
    register_avatarbit [change original]
    register_birthday [change original]
    register_customfields [change original]
    register_imagebit [change original]
    register_referrer [change original]
    register_stylecell [change original]
    reportbadpost [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    Search Templates [expand]
    searchintro [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    searchresultbit [change original]
    searchresultbit_threadonly [change original]
    searchresults [change original]
    searchresults_threadonly [change original]
    sendtofriend [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    Show Groups Templates [expand]
    showgroups [change original]
    showgroups_bit [change original]
    showgroups_forumbit [change original]
    showgroups_forumheader [change original]
    showgroups_group [change original]
    showgroups_moderatedforums [change original]
    showpost [change original]
    Show Thread Templates [expand]
    showthread [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    showthread_adminoptions [change original]
    showthread_firstunread [change original]
    showthread_polloptions [change original]
    showthread_pollresults [change original]
    showthread_pollresults_cantvote [change original]
    showthread_pollresults_closed [change original]
    showthread_pollresults_voted [change original]
    showthread_ratingdisplay [change original]
    showthread_threadrate [change original]
    signupadult [change original]
    signupcoppa [change original]
    signupverify [change original]
    smiliebit [change original]
    smilies [change original]
    standarderror [change original]
    standardredirect [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    Subscribed Thread Templates [expand]
    subscribe [change original]
    subscribe_nothreads [change original]
    subscribe_threadbit [change original]
    subscribe_threads [change original]
    threadreview [change original]
    threadreviewbit [change original]
    threadreviewbit_ignore [change original]
    Thread Management Templates [expand]
    threads_deleteposts [change original]
    threads_deletepostsbit [change original]
    threads_deletethread [change original]
    threads_displayip [change original]
    threads_editthread [change original]
    threads_merge [change original]
    threads_move [change original]
    threads_splitthread [change original]
    threads_splitthreadbit [change original]
    timezone [change original]
    User Control Panel Templates [expand]
    usercp [change original]
    usercpnav [change original]
    usercp_buddy [change original]
    usercp_buddymasspmlink [change original]
    usercp_forumbit [change original]
    usercp_forums [change original]
    usercp_messages [change original]
    usercp_noforums [change original]
    usercp_nomessages [change original]
    usercp_pmdeletedbit [change original]
    usercp_pmmessagebit [change original]
    username_loggedin [change original]
    username_loggedout [change original]
    vB Code Templates [expand]
    vbcode_buttons [change original]
    vbcode_colorbits [change original]
    vbcode_fontbits [change original]
    vbcode_popup_smilies [change original]
    vbcode_popup_smiliesbits [change original]
    vbcode_sizebits [change original]
    vbcode_smiliebit [change original]
    vbcode_smilies [change original]
    vbcode_smilies_getmore [change original]
    whoposted [edit] [revert to original] [view original]
    whopostedbit [change original]
    Who's Online Templates [expand]
    whosonline [change original]
    whosonlinebit [change original]
    whosonlinebit_email [change original]
    whosonlinebit_ip [change original]
    whosonlinebit_pm [change original]
    whosonline_email [change original]
    whosonline_ip [change original]
    whosonline_legend [change original]
    whosonline_pm [change original]
    yahoo [change original]
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    The virtue that possession
    Goodness gracious, two posts. Nevermind then. :p

  5. Mark

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    Sapphire HD4870
    ouch, well i guess that solves that little bitching lol
  6. Ant

    Ant Don Michael Corleone

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    Exactly!! Just so you know, the last one took about 3-4 weeks.
  7. Glidefan

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    Ouch! Man. Now i see why you said that you don't want to make skins ever again.

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