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Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by honkeykrakker, Dec 22, 2011.

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    It has been awhile since I have posted. I have been an AMD fan since the Pentium days and the let down I had with it, yet all I got was let downs each and every time... Like when I picked up my Phenom 2 X4 940 BE back in 2008, had I went Intel than I would still be happy with the 920. Now, I have to upgrade to get the snappiness back, although I would probably still want something new anyway :)

    Anyway, a bunch of BS to get to the point. This is what I am looking at.




    My budget is kind of non-existent, and this seems like a good choice. The only thing I am really not confident is the RAM, mainly jumping on it becasue there is a $15 discount for combining the 2500K. It has only 14 Reviews and a semi high CL9.

    How much of a difference would I notice with CL9 vs CL7?
    Does it really make a difference if I only plan on taking the CPU to 4.5?

    Things to note:
    Drives are 2 Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3's and 2 WD Caviar 250GB.
    GFX Card is an AMD 6950 with unlocked something but the stock Clocks and Voltage.
    Cooler is a Core Contact Freezer (re-using my current).
    PC is for Web Browsing, Gaming, and Movies/Music.
    It is connected to our bedroom TV 1920x1080 Resolution.
    I think that is all, unless there is other suggestions/questions.
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    Giga gtx 470@800
    Good build,maybe you will need a better cooler for the CPU for OC.
    For RAM I think the Ripjaws from GSkill are good,especially the models using lower voltages of 1,35.
    The 9,9,9,24 are standard latencies for RAM today for 1600mhz and are pretty solid and the difference with lower timing are minor in apps.

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