Those wondering what minimum PSU for 3080 ? Short answer: I don't even get past 500W for whole PC

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    3080 Trinity Zotac
    Just thought I would make this post for all of you out there asking yourself 'Is my (less than 750W) PSU enough vs Nividia's minimum requirement?'

    I was asking myself the same question (with my 650W) not long ago, just before I was lucky enough to grab a 3080 (even if the cheapest build of all 3080's by far, a Zotac Trinity)

    As I anticipated, my 650W was more than enough and rock stable with my 3080 (paired with a 6700k), no crash nor any signs of instability, even under heavy "real world" loads (i.e.: Cyberpunk, Metro Exodus and Control are known to easily crash on the slightest instability and I have a rock solid experience on a 2k 165Hz screen with all of them). I mentionned 'was rock stable' simply because my 3080 is now in my new rig , an AMD 5600x (got lucky enough to get one of those too lately) and even with this B550 Zen 3 setup, it yet never went over 480W under heavy loads in the above mentionned games and some others including AC Valhalla and Odyssey, Witcher 3, Borderlands 3, etc. (including TimeSpy and PortRoyale benches also).

    That being said, here are some specifics of my builds that do affect those figures though:

    - 'Quality' PSU required (YMMV with a cheap, no name, unstable voltage regulation psu)

    - I don't have daisy chains on the gpu (so 2 seperate cables)

    - Have no choice but to undervolt my 3080 (by 20% vs stock!... My max voltage is 950mv @2025Mhz sustained) otherwise, @ stock voltage, I'm constantly busting the 336W power limit and throttling down to the 1700's Mhz, thanks to Zotac's (ultra cheap, worst engineered software and hardware GPU i've seen in a loooong time) pcb setup, which is sub par (fewer power phases, lesser quality caps, etc., if curious, see , an excellent pcb breakdown of Zotac's 3080, kudos to the author) basically limiting Zotac's power draw to 336W so, much lower than any other 3080, including Nvidia's own reference board that can be pushed around 375W. Considering those differences (one of EVGA's can pump up to around 470W), YMMV considerably here, more than 120W+

    - 5600x is one of the least power hungry modern desktop CPU for gamers, and I also undervolted it with PBO (maybe I won the silicon lottery as I can hit 4.7Ghz with +-1.20v on the cpu, so barely hitting 60c (on air cooling) in cpu stress / stability tests, otherwise hitting at most 50-55 in real life ('AAA') gaming loads. So, here again, YMMV considerably too (i.e.: if you get an inel 11th gen, 10 cores with HT and oc it's life out of it, you can most probably expect 100W+ difference here too compared to my build)

    - Plain old air cooling (3x140mm ; 3x120) + 2hdd's + 2 NVMe for the rest that pulls a few watts

    - I dont have any X-mas lights nor custom waterfalls in my pc... ;), so saving a few watts here too

    So yeah, unsurprinsingly, Nvidia went the safe route with their 750W requirement, because some (extreme) overclockers could indeed need a 750W+ PSU (depending on their builds and overclocks), but as you can see, you can also get a 100% rock stable 3080 clocking @2Ghz with a lower wattage (quality) PSU, a 650W in my case.

    So here you have it folks, hope it can help those of you (lucky enough) to get a 3080, wondering if their PSU would be able to feed that new toy of yours... ;)
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    RTX 3080 FE
    I did post a bunch of undervolting test results on reddit, if you configure the voltage curve you could get away with the same psu that would be enough for a 1080ti or 2080.

    Results were an eye opener, you can basically cut peak power by 30% and only lose 2% or so performance.
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    " So here you have it folks, hope it can help those of you (lucky enough) to get a 3080, wondering if their PSU would be able to feed that new toy of yours..."

    No offense, but your post explains your situation but it is not a guide for determining what PSU to use for anyone else. My system with a 1080 Ti and 6850K and not much else can, easily pull over 600 watts. Point being each users use case should determine what they need.
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    TUF OC RTX 3080
    Same here above 600 Watt on a 3080 and 9900K when gaming

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    Galax 3080 SC
    I do have quality 650W from seasonic from 2012, it paired with 5950X and 3080 both oced and it works flawlessly though i still think if i should switch because the psu is already 9 years old.
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    Gigabyte RTX 3080
    I have a Cyberpower 600 watt UPS, so even without checking my monitoring software I have a hard limit, one that involves a loud beeping (followed by a shutdown), if I cross that point . lol :)

    Undervolting and using just 85% power works for me and my RTX 3080, possibly partly because it's a Gigabyte OC version. I also use Clock Tuner to keep my CPU voltage at 1.017 up to 90% CPU usage. That doesn't get exceeded when gaming. CCX1 at 3925, CCX2 at 3725.

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
    Gigabyte RTX 3080
    Power Supply:
    Toughpower GF1 Series 850
    I've got a CyberPowerPC DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX ARGB 360mm AIO, two NVMe drives which I love but neither are especially frugal with the power. Two Mushkin SSD, one Crucial SSD, and two SATA HDD, plus two two USB HDD that use USB power only. Four 140mm Phantek case fans.

    I use the Metro Last Redux benchmark, and sometimes the Shadow of the Tombraider one, to test power consumption. Once in a while I'll use OCCT's power consumption test.

    OCCT gives realtime figures on power use and Afterburner offers a very useful chart that lasts long enough to show the power usage over several benchmark runs. OCCT gets closest to the 600 watt limit of my UPS, but the gaming benchmarks stay comfortably below it. Edit: That's from before using undervolting.

    Bear in mind this is 600 watts at the wall as the limit. While my PSU is a nice gold rated one, it's probably running below 92% efficiency, maybe even at only 90%, when using around 500 watts of power
    I'm as "pleased as punch" with the undervolting capabilities of my RTX 3080, and the AMD 5900X is also doing a swell job at sipping power when undervolted.

    Going from regular voltage and 100% power in the Metro Last Light Redux benchmark only costs me a handful of frames. I still get over 110 fps, and at 80% power while using a curve I get close to 110 fps.

    I just now ran another benchmark at 80% power to confirm. Afterburner reports the videocard only hit 305 watts for a second, and it stayed at around 296 watts.

    3/21/2021 1:36:13 PM
    Preset 0
    Options: Resolution: 3840 x 2160; Quality: Very High; SSAA: Off; Texture filtering: AF 16X; Motion Blur: Normal; Tesselation: Very High; VSync: Off; Advanced PhysX: Off;
    Run 0 (Scene 1 )
    • Total Frames: 18761, Total Time: 171.2765 sec
    • Average Framerate: 109.57
    • Max. Framerate: 200.48 (Frame: 16034)
    • Min. Framerate: 11.83 (Frame: 3)
    Edit: Ha, I only looked just now, and HWiNFO shows that my UPS hasn't broken 450 watts all day, and that includes the benchmark I just ran. I'd forgotten how easy it is for a hundred more watts to get used when I'm not undervolting the GPU and CPU.
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