Those that have been able to get ATI+nvidia working in Windows 7

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    Could you please share how exactly you did it?

    I have a 4870, and I purchased a 9800GTX+ for folding.

    However, when I try to install the latest nvidia drivers, and a few versions back from that, it doesn't seem like they install correctly.

    I say this, because there is only one process running in taskmanager- nvvsvc.exe, "NVIDIA Driver Helper Service".

    Also, when I try to open the nvidia control panel after installation, I recieve a "This application has stopped working" message upon opening.

    So, could anyone who has done it, be of assistance?

    EDIT: I have the 4870 connected to one monitor, and the 9800GTX+ connected to another (with desktop extended to it). Also, the 4870 is in the first PCI-E slot, the 9800GTX+ is in the second.
    And, I know that basic vga capabilities work, because the 9800GTX+'s monitor has picture.
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    Order I do it;

    1. Windows control panel/Display/Adjust resolution/Show only the Nvidia card display, apply.
    2. Back to all control panel items/Device manager/Disable the Ati
    3. Open Nvidia control panel and make sure PhysX enabled and leave open
    4. Back to divice manager and enable the Ati
    5. Open display/ adjust ressy/click on the Ati monitor pic' not the check tab/ extend display/apply

    My Ati card is now the main display with the Nvidia card extended with PhysX support.

    You should then be able to click PhysX enable off and on. Don't switch tabs on the Nvidia display, leave open on the PhysX tab, don't remove the monitor cord or it crashes and or looses PhysX. If you bugger it, you have to go back through and set it again. I have to redo this every reboot as it doesn't stick for some reason as well.

    It's not perfect and is finicky on getting it working ATM. I still can't sort out a fix so once PhysX is enabled to either, be able to swap around the Nvida CP, remove Nvidia card monitor cord, re boot and keep the settings. The Ati CP works no matter what is main display and extended both ways where the Nvidia CP only works when its the only display. I've used from the 1.1's through to 182.05's in Nvidia and 1.1' to 9.2 for Ati. It doesn't matter for my system which card is in what slot as long as I do the above it still works.

    PhysX demos, Vantage with PhysX in CPU test 2 and FluidMark work but only in window mode for FluidMark. I've Mirrors Edge and the PhysX is working with the Ati as display and 9800GX2 as Physx as my 280 died.
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    I'm trying to find out about this issue as well, but I was thinking couldn't you just install the most recent physx driver after the install of the vga drivers?

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