Thinking of making a micro atx gaming pc, need halp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by PcKSnipE, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted here but it feels good to be back :)

    I'm highly interested in making a new gaming rig, but I want it to be portable and in micro atx form factor.

    I'm at this stage definitely interested in over clocking the CPU, but nothing more than basic air cooling.

    My idea so far:

    CPU: Intel i5 3570/AMD FX8350
    RAM: 2 x 4 (total 8) gb ram with the fastest useable speed (is it 1600 or something now?, is it worth spending for better)
    Motherboard: I HAVE NO IDEA, THERE ARE TOO MANY. But at this stage I'm guessing a Z77
    GFX Card: I don't care for SLI or crossfire, just want a good card around $200-300, currently thinking of overclocking
    Case: I take it that selecting the right case with micro ATX is important, can anyone recommend me something?
    Storage: Feel like utilizing 6 GB/s sata, I like SSD's but they seem pricey.

    All up i want it to be around 800-1000USD tops!

    I just have no idea where to start :( I like the 8 cored AMD, bc I reckon in the future games due to the ps4 will support 8 cores better...just an idea though
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    sounds like ur in the exact same boat as myself. im lookin to use an ITX board personally. but im lookin to build my own case to meet my needs. if u look around u will find some box cases that will accomodate a full card and ATX power supply.

    biggest issue im havin is that placin too many powerful parts close to each other means a heck of alot of heat in turn resulting in overheating, instability, shut downs, no room to overclock, etc.

    look into the silverstone sugo range. in particular the sg06, sg07 and possibly the sg08 models. they got small cases with as many holes in the case as possible and a big fan over the mobo. the case supports itx boards and is actually really small. close to 20x20x35cm (HxWxD)
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    For RAM I would go with the corsair Vengeance modules 2x4gb at 1600ghz for about 45 euros.

    For mobo I would recommend the same as mine as it is very good and at the right price. About 100 euros.

    For GPU I recommend a HD 7950 eyes closed. OC beast with all the extras you would need (expect PhysX).
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    Radeon 6950
    I'm also thinking of pretty much the same build

    CPU: Intel i5 3570
    RAM: 8GB
    Motherboard: Due to overclocking not really viable due to size looking for anything cheaper maybe H77
    GFX Card: Was thinking 7950 but wont fit. Now looking at 660/660ti
    Case: Silverstone SG06 but if I end up with the 7950 I might start looking at CoolerMaster Elite 120
    Storage: Will strip my SSD from my laptop probably

    Was also considering the AMD FX8350 but cant find Mini ITX mobo's

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