Things you hate in Video games.

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    • Stupid bugs that go unfixed for months or even years that noone notices, or at least it’s what the devs believe. I notice them all the time. A few come to mind, but I won’t annoy you
    • AI that keep repeating the same lines if you interact with them twice in a row
    • Unscripted events where everything in the game goes bonkers, or doesn’t trigger, or triggers funky unless you do things a certain way. I’ll take well-done scripted over sloppy unscripted any day
    • Useless fetch quests, like someone else pointed out. Please stop with useless fetch quests. They are not fun anymore, if they ever were
    • Cooking
    • Building
    • Shooting everyone and everything and jumping while at it. Works only with Doom Eternal
    • Multiplayer
    • Stats overdose
    • Added content to make for poor base-game
    • More will come to mind, so I’ll make sure to edit this post as a reminder for myself
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    Damage Numbers.
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    1. Post processing effects like motion blur, chromatic aberration, and depth of field
    2. Matchmaking
    3. framerate caps
    4. survival genre
    5. Battleroyal genre
    6. Playing first mission before being able to use the main menu(I need to crank up the graphics and adjust audio first...damn.)
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    skill based match making. Engagement Optimized Matchmaking.

    Which makes matches very hard the more you 'get gud' at the game. To the point that you "break" the algorithm causing SBMM EOMM to match you with known cheaters.
    It's all an incentive to get you to "enjoy" the game by keeping the game from being "boring". It's a form of addiction where you get use to a certain dynamic of game play. Where you always average, lets say, KD of 2.3. The algorithm will either give you some good matches that boost your k/d to 5. Or, make the game so hard that your k/d is .70 causing you to rage quite. Then after a day or two you are "hooked" to play again looking for that match giving you that 5.0 K/D.

    It is designed, IMO, to incentive you to keep playing the game by mixing in both good and bad experiences intentionally in a way tailored for you. Which causes an addiction.

    EA is said to have it in BF 2042. If true it won't be long before this topic is brought up again.
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    This is something that I really hate, but it's a popular genre: Roguelike
    I just hate the permadeath and having to repeat things.
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