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They are Billions

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by YankeeDiver, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. YankeeDiver

    YankeeDiver Member Guru

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    Gigabyte GTX790
    Has anyone tried this RTS game? It has not been released yet. Not sure if someone is beta testing it and could tell me more about it. It looks fun.
  2. Zenoth

    Zenoth Maha Guru

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    MSI GTX 1080
    Yeah I have it, it's fun but pretty tough. You must keep en eye on all your settlement perimeter. The zombies react to sound (or at least it's coded in a way to make you believe it; either way the impression is there), so using soldiers with crossbows / bows is a must at first, later on you can start training soldiers with firearms / snipers (only when you have enough wall defenses since gunfire attracts zombies). You have to go around explore (with small groups, sometimes just one scout is enough) while keeping an eye on your base. There's big "horde" waves at some point that spawn at the edge of the map (in the fog of war) coming towards your base. You never know exactly where the wave will hit the base other than the general direction it comes from (north, east, west, south).

    You can tell where it's gonna hit only when they're about half way, so you have to position your soldiers (behind walls, or in watch towers) in time and at the proper location or you can lack defenses and not be able to respond in time (if you position a group of soldiers say... to the far east, and the wave hits to the north instead of the east side, you have to reposition your soldiers and by the time they get there you can suffer from some damage). Also, if zombies attack structures they become infected, and if those infected structures are too close to others (non-infected) then the infection spreads very quickly, and it can literally start at some remote corner of your base you didn't pay attention to, infected by a single zombie; the next thing you know there's panic all around (sounds of chaos in the population can be heard) and your base is pretty much lost. It's possible to repair and recover from some isolated infection, but if it's spreading into the main base and to important production structures you pretty much have to cancel your session and start over again.

    It's a very micro-management heavy, strategy / tactics-focused game. It's fun, but not for everyone. It's light years away from action-oriented RTS games like C&C. There's no mass production of anything and you don't turtle your way to victory by making 1 or 2 units by the millions. Doesn't work like that at all. But it is fun, just difficult (and that's fine, it's tough but for good reasons, it's well executed).
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