TheWorse Mod for Watch Dogs #3 part

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by TheWorse, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Damazig

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    Hey Marduk, thanks for the hard work, I was really looking forward to this but, after downloading the first link, while unzipping it is filled with errors, and so when I tried the MOD installer it says:

    -- Mod installation started at 26/09/2014 10:25:47 --
    Creating working versions of patch files...failed!
    -- Mod installation ended at 26/09/2014 10:26:01 --

    Any help you could give would be much appreciated
  2. Marduk

    Marduk Guest

    ähm. dont sure if this work with mod patcher, but if it

    make sure you have installed
    1.MS XNA Frameworks
    2. have a patch.fat & dat file in C:\apps\spiele\Watch Dogs\data_win64
    3. choose the right install patch
    = example C://***/games/Watch_Dogs (!!! do not choose data win64 folder)

    if that not helped, ask cmh175 or try the third link ;-)
  3. Siridon

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    TheWorse thanks. Great mod!
  4. Hisenburg

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    Any mod that works for bad blood?

  5. Marduk

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  6. Alexx

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    What a WOW

    Thank you for your hard and excellent work!
    The only things I had to change have been to remove the borders, reduce the sharpness (dude, that's way too sharp in 1080p) and I turned off SMAA in sweetFX, since Temporal SMAA right in the game looks good enough to me.
    The game runs smooth & is playable on my rig.
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  7. Can anybody tell me which version is the best performance wise?
  8. cmh175

    cmh175 Guest

    Performance wise probably the Pure E3 or Lunayah's Enhanced 3.1. All in all as far as performance goes the defaultrenderconfig.xml is what matters. If you copy it from either of these mods you can use it with any mod you like, that way you can pick which you like visually. I also did a downgraded defaultrenderconfig.xml for those with lower gpu's who'd like to have better graphics, accomplished this by toning down effects.
  9. Pituto

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    Not working anymore with last update. Close to desktop.
  10. cmh175

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  11. hishamerrish

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    GTX 980 TI
    cool downloding :)
  12. abendale

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    It's a best Mod...
  13. ramthegamer

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    Zotac Trinity 3080
    Although i have mentioned before that the game is shallow, i installed the worse mod and i have to thank maldo , the game is mostly stutter free now, here are my settings:
    Textures medium
    Vsync off ( adaptive in nvidia cp)
    Gpu prerender 1 also in nvidia cp
    Temporal smaa
    Lod medium
    Shadows medium
    Reflections high
    Hbao+ high
    Dof on
    Motion blur on
    Water ultra
    Shader high
    Running at 32 fps while driving no stutter on intersections
    Only dips to 27 during rainy nights in downtown,very playable
  14. WoKeN

    WoKeN Guest

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between this and "Lunayahs" mod for watch dogs? I'm trying to decide which one of the two to install
  15. Lushfa

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    You should try both of em!


  16. Is there a way to make this mod work with the "Bad Blood" DLC?
  17. shadow85

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    GTX 1080 STRIX OC (SLi)
    What graphic mods give the best visual enhancements to watch dogs?

    I haven't started watch dogs yet, just installed it now but want to play with the best possible graphics settings/mods.
    I am running SLI GTX 980 Gamings.

    Anyone can help me here please?
  18. shadow85

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    GTX 1080 STRIX OC (SLi)
    Is this graphic mod better than the ultra new hq from moddb?
  19. poormaz

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    Hi,I have to say.This is amazing job.Took so many time and I really grateful.I have a question?
    Final mod (1.0) compatible with latest patch (v.1.06.). Because "patch.fat" & "patch.dat" will be overwritten?
    Thx for support(sorry for bad English)
  20. Why when start the game the new game button is blank and when I start a new game It doesn't load and my mouse freeze.

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