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    This is the third part of the thread.


    20/7/2014: 1.0 Released.

    This is going to be the last version. Maybe there will be updates available later, but tomorrow I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy the game!

    [*]Changes in 1.0:

    [*]-Several changes and adjustments to the rain, speed, intensity, etc.

    [*]-Normal, aiming and sprint camera dof distance increased.

    [*]-Bloom for storms changed.

    [*]-Colorgrading settings adjusted.

    [*]-Complete black bug fixed.

    [*]-Other small changes.

    Download: TheWorse Mod 1.0 + MalDo textures

    Without MalDo textures: TheWorse Mod 1.0

    This is my sweetfx preset for 0.99/1.0. If you don't want the borders open the sweetfx settings file, find "border" and change it from 1 to 0. Save it and play the game.

    18/7/2014: 0.99 Released.

    Download: TheWorse Mod 0.99 + MalDo textures

    Without MalDo textures: TheWorse Mod 0.99


    9/7/2014: 0.97c Released.

    Thanks cmh175 for the combining MalDo textures with the mod!

    Download: TheWorse Mod 0.97c + MalDo Textures

    Without MalDo textures: TheWorse Mod 0.97c

    Changes in 0.97c:


    [*]-MalDo textures fix included.

    [*]-FOG has been decreased again, this time it should be perfect.

    [*]-DOF has been decreased and DOF focus speed has been increased.

    [*]-Interior FOG has been increased for a smoother interior-exterior transition.

    [*]-Camera angle has been adjusted and Camera movement aswell.

    [*]-Minor lighting changes.

    [*]-Some rain changes.

    [*]-Shadow quality has been adjusted.

    [*]-LOD distance, scale and dithering changed.

    [*]-Colorgrading saturation, contrast and defog adjusted.

    And other small changes to deliver a better game experience.


    Changes in 0.97b:

    -Trees has been fully fixed.
    -Performance has been increased.
    -FOG has been decreased.
    -DOF has been decreased
    -Reflections resolution has been decreased with no noticiable difference
    (this had to be done to increase performance while keeping good quality)

    Changes in 0.97:

    Game is now properly using its high textures for the next stuff:

    *I also made several textures for the lensflares and so.*

    Some lighting textures
    Some ground textures
    Some sky textures
    some atmospheric effects
    Headlight changes:


    -Headlight shadows are now working properly.
    -Changed the distance of the actual texture in order to make the overall look more realistic
    -Changed the intensity of the light reflection and the overall texture.
    -Headlight colors are now properly applied to new and older cars.
    -Made a new texture for the lensflares.
    -Changed the shadow bias so flickering should be fixed, still read the big disclaimer.

    Lighting changes:

    The following changes has been specifically made and tested by myself. This will ensure the best quality possible for the game TOD (Time Of Day) Cycle day-night and Weather Clear-Cloudy-Storm.

    -Sun light color has been changed for every tod in order to clean up the horrible washed up colors that ubisoft put into the final game.
    -SSAO Visibility and strength has been increased for every tod.
    -Exposure has been adjusted aswell for every tod. To ensure better colors and visibility.
    -White point has been reduced for better white balance.
    -Sun light intensity has been adjusted for every tod.
    -Sky intensity has been adjusted for every tod.
    -Shadows has been adjusted.
    -Overall light intensity has been adjusted and/or increased for every tod.
    -Headlights and streetlights are now enabled for every tod in storm weather. Due to being now really dark like it should be.
    -Increased light probes intensity in order to make night not that dark.
    -Other minor changes.

    Rain changes:

    -Intensity has been changed.
    -Splashes intensity and size increased.
    -Cascades intensity and distance changed.
    -Rain streak intensity increased.
    -Now it should rain more frequently
    -Other changes.

    The rest of the changes:

    -Fog has been changed and increased for storm weather.
    -Fog has been increased for clear day weather.
    -New bloom adapted and changed for every tod and every weather.
    -New colorgrading settings to adapt and change the new lighting.
    -Added new sky settings for every tod and every weather.
    -Civilian density increased to maximum values to ensure its not a ghost town.
    -Helicopter and Police volumetric lights intensity increased.
    -Aiden's coat movement and wave speed reduced so it doesn't wave like crazy.
    -Normal Camera slighly changed.
    -DOF intensity and distance slighly changed.

    You can visit my blog to have all the updates as always.

    Thanks to VAAS and MalDo for helping me out with this!
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    You the best modder for WD :) Good work!
  3. Boxer152

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    Yess great, but can you releas a version without fog pleas? Or mor less?
  4. VAAS

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    3ยบ thread lol

  5. Undying

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    When will we have 0.97c with maldo textures?
  6. Awesome!!!

    This mod really shines when it rains! Oh my god I wish there was a mod that made it rain all the time. It looks so beautiful!
  7. arias51

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    I'm going to post this again since it was at the end of the previous thread...

    The DOF and Fog are a bit too intense for my tastes.

    DOF is about as far as Aiden's nose and the fog drowns out anything past a city block. I was running around on a bright sunny day and everything was engulfed in a blurry haze. Probably looks great at night, but not so much during the daytime.

    Anyone else getting this too?

    Performance seems a bit less than v.08 as well. running the same settings, but getting a little more stutter.

    Also, what happened to Maldo's config? I thought it was a nice addition and allowed for easy enable/disable of unwanted features.
    Was also nice since it had 2 different DOF options and easy user customization.

    Anyway, thanks for the update 'The Worse' I know how modding can suck the life out of you and it aint east to appease everyone.
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  8. TheWorse

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    Yeah, so many replies on the other thread, Hilbert told me to make a new one :p

    I sent the link to cmh175 so he can upload the version with MalDo textures.
  9. cmh175

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    It's uploading now. Says about 15 minutes.
  10. Boxer152

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    @TheWorse, there are too many fog the day yet..... can you release a version without fog or more less please?

  11. nanogenesis

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    Which file host is it?
  12. xShafted

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    Hands in pocket not working after death. Wasn't this supposedly fixed already? I can confirm it doesn't work. Using 0.97(c) The mod looks perfect now @TheWorse please don't fix anything else! Just need Maldo Textures and I'm going to finally play the full game.
  13. zhalonia

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    ahh fresh thread ! :D can't wait to try it out buddy :)
  14. Boxer152

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    In tunels is very dark
  15. Cuban Legend

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    Mod's performance is fantastic, I literally just drove around and the "High" LOD enhancements had minimal stutter and I was able to sustain a much more stable FPS.

  16. Boxer152

    Boxer152 Guest

    the fog and dof like mod 0.7 is the best i think. can you release a version with this setings please theworse.
  17. TonyMBR

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    MEDIUM Textures/Ultra Graphic Settings + Maldo Textures (Original Camera Context)



    HIGH Textures/Ultra Graphic Settings + Maldo Textures (Original Camera Context)


  18. Boxer152

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    Can we put maldo textures on ultra or it must by in hight?
  19. TheWorse

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    I use MalDo textures on ultra, so yeah you can.

    Page updated with the link of 0.97c with MalDo textures.
  20. Boxer152

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    Theworse can you release a version like 0.7 fog and dof?

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