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  1. lol don't mind the title I just pulled it out of the air in all honesty. I'd been upset lately with myself over my last job (Loandepot - AssetManagement) because of a few things but I'll keep it long. After being in my field for 10 years I've really tried hard to weed out the lies in the interview process. Any sort of hidden "surprises" or what have you that might crop up after hiring. Granted every job has its share of issues.

    Yet this happened. I took a position with Loandepot like 3 weeks back doing AssetManagement; it was positioned as what it did not turn out to be. I was upset with myself for not pressing my manager harder in the interviews. Sometimes you get fooled no matter how hard you try though. We had someone get injured within day 6 or so of my being there & go to the ER; it just devolved from there as prior to that I'd worked in a manufacturing environment (well 1 job back - before this was a bank but before that was a warehouse/manu) so the moment I mentioned the word safety I think my manager took it as a dirty word lol. I did not intend that but I got fired after a week.
    • I get hired, the job seems great initially (not far from where I live)
    • the workload is positioned as push 25/50 units through a day
    • turns out to be 100+ units a day because of covid and we're the main hub for the country and loandepot has just hired 9,000 employees; we don't have the manpower to make this achievable
    • day 6 while unloading fresh supplies from our loading dock a colleague is hit by an unsecured pallet that falls off of an 18 wheeler while we're unloading it and breaks his ribs (not all of course just like 1 or 2 at the time on his right side) at the time he is in the truck which apparently was a no-no I guess?
    • He leaves tells our boss he'll go to the ER get checked to be back later (lol be back later)
    • Boss starts flipping out saying we need some 250-300 units ready for Texas by the next day, it's 2:00 pm now of this day and he's known this all week.
    • I start to see the writing on the wall
    • I explain we should use the pallet jacks and metal hand trucks down in engineering cause the guys there said we could borrow theirs and that the plastic carts he's got us using for the job will break likely causing further injury on the job; a back harness wouldn't hurt either considering we're moving big loads (each pallet is packed chalk-full of large boxes in turn filled with multiple desktops)
    • Every day is 10:00AM drop off (Mail - in) Noon Pickup (Mail Out) 3:00 PM Pickup (Mail out) 5:00 PM late pickup (Mail Out) Between each interval are points of moving heavy loads up and down to and from the basement level, 2nd, and 6th floor - all using plastic carts with plastic wheels
    • The average box is over 100lbs. I started to think this boss of mine was trying to get people injured well day 6, my coworker goes and gets hurt. I hurt my back write a written message to my boss expressing I just simply need a break
    • Up until that point, we didn't take two 15 minute breaks during the day. Hey, I'm not 19 anymore, it could go a long way.
    • I would work throughout my lunch
    • I also was continuously asked to work OT
    • I worked 6 hours of OT my time there getting paid for none of it &, hey that was what it was I'm mostly glad I came out of this experience with my health - the job didn't pay well - no job is worth getting injured.
    So I mentioned I wanted to use a 15 min break or something to that effect said I explained my back just caught something wrong explained like in the interview I said (which I did) I would not want to do OT if they were to hire me - I reiterated that again, as I'm a student & yeah my Boss just said ok well he yeah up and fired me. I say this only because I thought it odd, he now was more short-staffed under crunch time etc etc & I never said I wanted to quit just asked for them to honor the positioning of the interview. Guess that is too much in a downed economy.

    So after that poop-ey experience, I thought a lot about work-life and play. Spent time re-writing my resume focusing on the work I'd done in my life and finding ways to present it in the most articulate and clear manner, also adding objectives trying to put more focus and emphasis on times where I did administration or managerial work or "project management. I also spent a lot of time writing down in advance questions I would have ready for interviews rehearsing what I would ask in ways where it was slightly loaded and hard to give a political answer. I felt ready.

    I wouldn't have expected this to be the result less than a month later and I ... I think as my mother said "yeah I think it's just a miracle son" maybe she is right but I got hired by Intel. I'll just leave it at that, I've had to sign a lot of paperwork and such so I want to tread lightly but I'm just very grateful and happy, to say the least. Christ talk about going into a new job eyes wide open. Don't expect me to reply to fanboyism or anything stupid. I won't. It's been like going from a lifetime of the loandepot experiences one after another quite frankly. I'm hoping to finally get some balance going here with my life and work.
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    Interesting post imo, I rarely see this sort of thing on these forums, but it is of interest to me at least. That's rough you were having a real bad time (sounds like) at your prior work there, I worked as a mover years ago and it was pretty exhausting/really long days. You not getting paid for OT when you're working OT doesn't seem right, but company's try and get around it/not pay out for it if they can from what I gather.

    The company I work for now (new department head/company was recently acquired by some big conglomerate/lots of layoffs despite stronger income than ever even during covid -- I think the new company just wants to restructure/bring in their own people) has a "flex" system in order to avoid paying any form of overtime. So, the idea is that if you work overtime, you can then take that time off later with manager approval. Regrettably, in practice it doesn't really work since it's not really tracked in an official sense and if you take flex some higher ups appear to assume people are lying/abusing the system (I imagine some level of abuse does occur to be fair) -- there have been emails sent out threatening to take the system away if people abuse it, but these seem like empty threats given the whole reason the flex system exists is so that the company can avoid paying any overtime -- I am doubtful that they would rather pay us overtime than keep the flex system and surely they would have to do one or the other no?

    Especially these days during Covid work seems to be getting pretty tough a lot of places -- tough just to land a decent job from what I gather. For me, I work in what I'd consider to be a pretty high stress work environment and regrettably I can't say that I'm happy, but it's the best I can do right now. I would love to afford a house someday and it'd be great to swing early retirement, but I'm not educated on investment and the grind is real (even in a decent job it'll take most people years to save as far as I'm aware and most need roommates in this day and age to help pay the bills -- especially in places that require a vehicle/no public transport where medical bills are high its easy to have your savings wiped out when something goes wrong).

    What do you do for Intel now out of curiosity? Hope things are a lot better for you there mate,

    Somewhat related to finances, I keep seeing posts on those new Nvidia GPUs/Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3) and would love to build a new PC soon, but my current one's good enough and I just can't afford it right now -- maybe it'll be in the budget a couple years from now.
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  3. Yeah that's funny I've been in positions like that (once when I worked at Time Inc. & we went through being acquired by Meredith Corporation) similar setup - you mentioned flex and the "open-ended emails" I've always been of the mindset that if it's financially motivated & to your point, it will likely prevail over something not in a corporate structure.
    I get that the grass is always greener on the other side is a quote for a reason but in fairness, it happens.
    Been noticing this more for whatever reason, could just be me. Could be the economy and employers having more of a handpick of the litter - not sure honestly what's up with that.
    I'm of the viewpoint it has to do with supply and demand from an employer/prospective employee standpoint
    Honestly, I didn't expect the prices to get driven down as much as they did with Ampere so it's possible if Big Navi is competitive that it could bring it down a little more - 2080 TI has already started to drop "slightly" people are selling fast because of the new Ampere MSRP.
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    Sounds pretty hard and annoying to me. I think it's easier for us to rest in a known surrounding, but sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone. It does not need to be quitting your job. Start with doing a travel for your own. 2 weeks only by yourself in a foreign country. Believe me this is life changing and can encourage you to change your life completely.

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