The truth about Flip-queue 0?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Tastic, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Hello peeps,

    I am looking for the truth behind 'Flip-queue 0' for ATI/AMD video cards. This may come off as a silly question as the option clearly states 0 pre-rendered frames. However, I have heard many trains of thought regarding this matter.

    For one, when you set the flip queue 0 in ati tray tools or radeonpro, does your video card truly render 0 frames, or does it resort to driver default of 3 rendered frames? If not, what drivers are they not 0, and what do they default to if 0 is selected?

    I have been reading and hearing about how the setting of 0 for pre-rendered frames actually defaults to 3 in many scenarios. I even read a benchmark test review that their results confirm that by setting your card to 0 pre-rendered frames, your card resorts to its default setting, which is 3 pre-rendered frames. So, a selection of 1 or 2 will actually render less frames than a setting of 0.

    Here's one example I'm talking about:

    I have tested pre-rendered (FLIP-QUEUE) frames from 0-3, and I'm having trouble coming to a definitive conclusion about whether a setting of 0 or 1 renders less frames. I play Quake Live, so finding the setting that truly renders the least amount of frames is ideal. I have a fairly fast system so my system should handle the least amount of rendering possible. I want the configuration that offers the LEAST amount of input lag. I can't find many definitive sources about whether pre-rendered frames 0 actually renders 0 frames, or if it resorts to driver defaults of 3. I've heard angles from both sides and I'd like to know the truth behind it :).

    Current configuration:

    Sapphire HD 7850
    16gb 1333 Ram
    Asus VG236H 120hz LCD

    Basic video settings:

    I've had best results with CCC 12.4 and 12.3 driver set. Not so sure about 12.7
    Pre-rendered (FLIP-QUEUE) frames set to 0 or 1 w/ RADEONPRO
    GPU Scaling off
    Play games at native resolution (1920 x 1080) even though I prefer lesser resolutions
    Most filtering settings turned off or to high performance
    120hz refresh rate

    If anyone can shed any light on this subject I would appreciate it, immensely!


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