The sinking city (former Call of Cthulhu)

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    Taken from another site.:

    Frogwares had some interesting ideas here, but sadly the insufficient production values coupled with their inexpertise when it comes to venturing outside the linear adventure genre indeed have awakened Cthulhu's wrath.

    The abysmal open world's implementation is the game's biggest enemy. You can turn off the markers and yet it still feels artificially constricted in a way that doesn't reward exploration:
    NPCs are just there for scenic purposes, there are no dynamic events, districts and their repeating assets feel like they're procedurally generated,
    visiting key locations is often meaningless since if you don't trigger the right sequence you're just wasting your time. Without mentioning the pea shooting,
    pitiful AI and animations which all have the same depth and consistency as a tacked on UDK student project. It's not even something that patches can fix
    since both the level design as a whole and the repetitive investigative bits are severely lacking.

    It's a shame because the writing is actually good-ish with reasonably well presented characters (except the protagonist who has the charisma of a sole). The decaying grim mood is pleasant as well..for a while at least. I focused only on the main story and it still felt like a chore to complete, all the positive bits ultimately got dragged down by the Stinking City and its cyclical loops. Five fishmen and a half/10
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    very mixed reviews. im gonna give it some thoughts before i buy, maybe
    a patch or two.. i remember some similar reviews to the first game, and i loved
    every minute of it. il wait for more comments in this topic, maybe someone that finished it
    already :)
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    After playing for a few hours I would say the ACG review a few posts above is the most accurate. Lots of bugs and shitty combat but there is just something about the story and the art that pulls you in. As Jimpressions stated, its the worst game he's ever liked. A few patches will help some what with the bugs and hopefully improve the combat some but that is not what this game is about. I would watch ACG review before you decide to try it as I did and am not regretting it. It's the closest thing to the old dark corners game I have come across and if you are willing to give it a go and can find it for £30 ish it may well be worth your time.
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    yea what i got out of steam reviews is that the game is stolen.

    you want to play it pirate it don't give those devs $$$$.

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