The PC Game That Blew Your Mind

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    What game made your jaw drop, made you think "HOW THE HELL DID THEY MAKE A GAME THIS AMAZING?" or at least "Hey man, that's really, really impressive!"?

    I count three:

    BATTLEHAWKS 1942 -- this game showed me that PCs were now doing stuff you couldn't find in arcade machines, let alone home consoles. Awesome!

    DOOM! -- when I saw this running as a demo in whatever the equivalent of Gamestop was back in the early '90s, I thought "OH MY F*CKIN' GOD THIS IS TOO AWESOME" and immediately bought a copy of a 5-1/4" shareware disc for like $5. I played the living crap out of those levels for over a year before I finally went to the trouble of buying the whole game. But I bought Doom 2 almost as soon as it came out. I'd have to say that this game was the equivalent of STAR WARS for someone from my generation. I'm sure anyone who remembers when it was new will agree that it was pretty f*ckin' spectacular.

    Operation Flashpoint -- this popular FPS had combined arms in a huge open environment to a level of detail not rivaled by other games of the time, and although it was a bit clunky, a bit ugly, it had a certain realism and depth to it that almost no other PC game had (with the exception of certain genre-specific games like tank simulators or the like). It was a ground-breaking, unique game and it's also the first one I ever saw where camouflage actually helped to make enemies hard to see. I think it was also the first one to feature terrain based on real-life satellite maps, destructable buildings, ballistic physics, doppler shifts, accurate night skies, sun positions, moon phases and tides. Heck, even the AI soldiers' faces changed expression! GOOD STUFF. *gets on mounted machine gun / shoots beyond firing arc / hits bunker pillar / bullets richocet and kill me lolol*

    Although there have been many, many other impressive games that I've enjoyed thoroughly over the years, these three rank as the ones that really floored me when I saw them.
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  2. jbscotchman

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    Unreal Tournament 99 and Aliens VS Predator 2000 are the games that made me drop consoles and become a dedicated PC gamer ever since.
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  3. Undying

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    RTX 3070 OC
    World of Warcraft
    Unreal Tournament
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  4. fantaskarsef

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    2080Ti @h2o
    Master of Orion 2
    Baldur's Gate 2
    GTA 3
    Witcher 3

    only sequels... I'm such a noob :(
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  5. coc

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    Suicide Mission, Mass Effect 2 for the first time. BLEW MY F***ING MIND. no other words to describe it.
    Witcher 3, a LOT of scenes.
    HL2 EP.2 Striders at the end.. was insane.
    playing Max Payne 1 for the first time.
    installing Diablo 2 LoD for the first time, finishing it and starting* to play it with friends ( over 8000 hours i think ).
    playing TF2 with my two best friends. thousands of hours.

    and many more..
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  6. Coolerking

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    Sapphire RX5700 XT
    Half life
    Battlefield 1942
    Missile command
    F15 strike eagle
    Star Citizen
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  7. H83

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    Can only remember Half Life because of the way everything was presented without cuscenes, Deus Ex because we could do things like hear conversations we were not supposed and Crysis because of the graphics.
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  8. alanm

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    HL. That more than any other title of its time got me more into gaming.
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  9. metagamer

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    Palit GameRock 2080
    Might and Magic VI (my favourite game of all times)
    Metal Gear Solid
    Black Crypt
    Dungeon Master
    Need for Speed
    inFamous: Second Son
    The Division
    Mass Effect 2
    Star Wars: KotOR
    World of Warcraft
    TES: Daggerfall
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  10. WhiteLightning

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    Mohaa Allied assault omaha beach

    Deltaforce 2 - massive scale and being able to knive snipers.

    half life 1 - speaks for itself i think

    borderlands 2 gpu accellerated physx

    C&C - massive battles in multiplayer

    I think i have probably more of those moments on consoles tbh
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  11. Exige245

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    RX 6700XT
    • Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries
    • Planetside
    • Everquest II
    • Battlefield Vietnam & Battlefield 2
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  12. cerebus23

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    evga 8800gts
    asherons call
    black and white
    deus ex

    i think all games that nudged something new at the time lest for me. metal gear solid honorable mention on consoles though metal gear kept me sony invested a number of years.
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  13. CPC_RedDawn

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    A few games have made my jaw hit the floor tbh.

    Doom 2016 E3 original E3 gameplay made my jaw drop at how good it looked.

    Skyrim running maxed out 1080p 60fps with reshade, enb, and 4k textures and more grass.

    Witcher 3 for its gorgeous visuals, scenery, atmosphere, music, etc

    F.E.A.R for its faced paced action and insane particle physics for the time not to mention the insane twist in the story

    Honorable mention for consoles has to go to Resident Evil Remake on the Gamecube, back in 2001 when it was first shown I never ever expected visuals to look anywhere near that good and they still hold up very well today. I remember watching the trailer for the first time online in I.T class at school with a friend and we were gobsmacked. Our teacher came behind us and he asked "what film is that?"... we replied "Its a game"... he quickly replied "F**K OFF!" and made us play the whole trailer again lol :p
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  14. Zenoth

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    To be honest, only very few and specific PC games blew my mind; but it did happen. I'll go pretty much in a chronological order.

    DOOM: In around November or December 1993 is when I first saw it. To this day it's probably still THE one PC game that truly blew my mind. I had seen some very crude games before with the "first person view" (which wasn't even in my vocabulary at the time) such as Wolfenstein 3D of course (maybe the year prior, probably at some gaming store while going in a mall somewhere; it's a very blurry and old memory). But nothing prepared me to THAT. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was even more mesmerized when I first got to try it. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a month after that.

    Half-Life 2: When I first saw that demo from E3 2003 and first saw the physics of the game I knew it was a completely new milestone in the making. To employ what was narrated during the presentation from one of Valve's guy and how he described it: "Glass breaks like glass, wood breaks like wood". It seems almost comical to read this today, but back then physics effects, especially when it came to breaking stuff with different materials the results were usually very crude and basic (I.E. we just had some random shapes as 'debris', and not actual parts of a mesh breaking and forming smaller parts while the original one keeps on getting smaller with proper destruction on it). With the exception of very few games that got some specific physics 'right' at their respective time (like in the first Red Faction, with the glass and the Geo Mod effects; or the water in Wave Race 64) we never quite got anything like real-time physics to the point where you had a game in which you would use physics to resolve puzzles and have a "Physics Gun" to play around with objects in the environments (and enemies, too). It was revolutionary.

    Crysis: For obvious reasons, Crysis was genuinely one of those games you'd call 'ahead of their time', on a technical level that is. It took something like two graphics card generations before people could max that game out with a single card and play it smoothly on top of that. Granted, it wasn't well optimized; but the GPUs at the time just weren't cutting it. The visuals truly were very impressive, and the water physics at the time were very good as well (they still hold pretty well today). I still remember seeing Crysis in future GPU benchmarks for years following its release regardless of any other more recent games coming out.

    The Witcher 3: Simply put, everything in that games blew my mind and pretty much continues to do so today. From graphics to the game world itself, the lore, the characters (mains and NPCs alike), the gameplay, quest structure, pacing of the game, quality of the DLCs (more like expansions), soundtrack and even a modding community to add to the whole already amazing package. I recently just rated the game as my Top Game of the Decade in my own thread. And, indeed, that's because it's the best game I've played, overall, pretty much since 2010.

    That's about it. There's been others that were impressive to some extent here and there, sure. But the ones I mentioned here are - for me - the true milestones.
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  15. adamsleath

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    demolition derby track in the game GRID (circa 2008). i love smashing up cars. soo much fun :D
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  16. twonha

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    Outcast (1999) blew my mind. It was pretty much my first 3D action adventure open world game, the type of which we wouldn't see much of until the current generation. Objectively speaking Outcast is a mixed bag of positives and negatives, but the impressionable ~15 year old gamer in me could only see the positives, and rose-tinted glasses made of pure nostalgia have kept it that way ever since.

    What I appreciate most about Outcast is that, more than some modern games even, it looks, feels and breaths like a real world with actual characters that go about their business. NPCs stand, walk, talk, transport stuff, interact with the player - it's crude, but it's more than what even games like GTA5 or Skyrim do with their NPCs decades later. The music was obviously awesome and the entire game just oozes a magical atmosphere I've only experienced in a handful of other games since.

    There are a lot of older games that blew my mind, usually because of technical advances combined with gameplay innovation. But special mentions go to The Last of Us (2013), Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (2010), and DOOM (2016) for having done so this decade.
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  17. Grimbarian

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    Operation Flashpoint, the freedom in that game was unprecedented, and it got me a wife :)
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  18. Size_Mick

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    I totally need to hear this story. Please follow up!
  19. anticupidon

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    I'll try to share my experience on what really impressed me in computer gaming.

    DOOM - cutting monsters with a chainsaw while listening to rock music? 3D graphics revolutionary for that time, I was still loading games with a cassete player on my Sintez (Sinclair clone)

    Diablo 1
    This intro just left me speechless.

    Later on, Diablo 1@2 gave me the opportunity to spend countless weekends and night playing those games with my brother.

    Half-Life 1. Dude, that game just blew everyone's mind!

    Arcanum - best witted dialogues ever, with most twisted humor.

    Half-Life 2: Water looked like water, acted like water! Amazing game.

    F.E.A.R awesome game physics and graphics.

    Witcher 1,2,3 - Do I really need to say more? Best art work, lore, cinematics and music. Masterpiece.
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  20. ramthegamer

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    ZOTAC RTX 3070
    Battlefield 3 because of the revolutionary character animations and frostbite engine
    Grand theft auto 3
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