The LG 42" OLED 2022 C2 just came out, finally

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    @ramthegamer Take a picture of the dead pixels so we can see them.

    Run your Pixel Refresher, the full run. Try these videos and let them run while you're asleep. It can't be just for a couple of hours. Let the vids do their thing.

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    Had a cx 48 with 4 dead pixels before my current c1 55.

    I heard from my local authorized lg repair person that the cx panels seem to have a higher defective rate than normal
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    I've been doing ALL my gaming and movie/TV watching on the same LG CX 55" for 3 years, there has been some minor loss of luminosity but that's it, no degradation in uniformity, no dead pixels, no burn-in. Apart from a few best-practice techniques I learned from gaming on Plasma years ago (e.g. using HUD transparency where available, auto-hide windows taskbar, etc) I've done nothing to prevent burn-in, the pixel-shift is even turned off, never done a manual pixel refresh (TV does its own every few months I think). I can highly recommend LG OLEDs to any PC gamer, and I personally will never go back to LCD/LED or any other non-emissive technology.

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