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    I think he had the same problem as Alonso.. Not enough top speed to pass up traffic.

    Next season with the energy recovery button it will be exciting!!

    Congratulations to Vettel!!

    I think they should remove the radio transmission from driver as they win.

    Hearing the crying and shouting kills the moment.
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    marc gene (3rd ferrari driver) said that alonso went defensive setup, aka no top speed. Thats why he couldnt... anyways renault runs a hella lot. Even fastest car (mclaren) w hamilton (most aggro imo) couldnt overtake kubica... and abu dabi doesnt help either.

    and +1 to the radio tranmission thing, its either embarrasing if its "your driver" or makes you furious if its the other. When i hear alonso laughting its like... *god why im fan of this guy...* and when i hear vettel i say WTFKID (usually not happy bcs of him winning :p) webber its fine tho.
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    Okay, I got bored again so i put together the current grid for next season including roomers / speculation :)

    F1 2011 Season Current Grid (As of 3rd December 2010)

    Team Name (Registered Country-Base Country) – Engine Supplier (Notes)
    1.First Driver (Country) (Notes)
    2.Second Driver (Country) (Notes)

    Red Bull Racing (Aus-UK) - Renault
    1.Seb Vettel (Ger) (Although recently said that he sees himself at Ferrari)
    2.Mark Webber (Aus) (Against roomers he may leave the sport)

    Vodaphone McLaren Mercedes (UK-UK) - Mercedes
    3.Lewis Hamilton (UK)
    4.Jenson Button (UK)

    Scuderia Ferrari (Ita-Ita) - Ferrari
    5.Fernando Alonso (Spa)
    6.Felipe Massa (Bra) (Roomers another Kimi situation, for Kubica to come in)

    Mercedes / Brawn GP (Ger-UK) – Mercedes
    7.Michael Schumacher (Ger) (Despite the anticipation of his retirement.. again)
    8.Nico Rosberg (Ger)

    Renault F1 Team (Fra-UK) - Renault - (Still the impression that Group Lotus will enter F1, sponsoring Renault F1, also Proton are keen to take over this team)
    9.Robert Kubica (Pol)
    10.Unconfirmed (Unsure if Petrov will be given another chance)

    AT&T Williams (UK-UK) - Cosworth
    11.Rubens Barachello (Bra)
    12.Pastor Maldonado (Ven)

    Force India (Ind-UK) - Mercedes
    13.Unconfirmed (Expected to retain Adrian Sutil)
    14.Unconfirmed (Hulkenberg in talks for this seat, Liuzzi is still confident)

    Sauber F1 Team (Swi-Swi) - Ferrari – (Yet to confirm their official team name)
    15.Kamui Kobayashi (Jap)
    16.Sergio Perez (Mex)

    Scuderia Toro Rosso (Ita-Ita) - Ferrari
    17.Unconfirmed (Alguersuari & Buemi have strong possibilities)

    Team Lotus (Mal-UK) - Renault – (Group Lotus started legal action against using this team name)
    19.Jarno Truli (Ita)
    20.Heikki Kovalainen (Fin)

    Hispania Racing F1 Team (Spa-Spa) - Cosworth
    21.Unconfirmed (Chandhok and Klien hopeful of racing for HTR again, Senna looks unlikely)

    Marussia Virgin racing (UK-UK) - Cosworth
    23.Timo Glock (Ger)
    24.Unconfirmed (Lucas di Grassi could retain his seat)

    So this is where we're at, 16 drivers confirmed, 8 seats left including 3 teams yet to confirm a single driver. Unlike last year, all the teams seem pretty stable, only really a few name changes on the horizon. There isn't any 'big' drivers up for grabs, although after the Kimi situation last year, anything could happen.

    It is believed that up to 15 teams applied for the 13th team slot for 2011, however the FIA decided that none of them had met minimum funding or engineering requirements.

    It will be interesting to see how the teams compare next year and if the strong '3 races' idea (of RB, Mcl, Fer out in front, and Lot, Vir, HTR right at the back, everyone else in the middle) is retained. It was recently confirmed Lotus will be starting the season without Kers, and Virgin has now been largely sponsored by Marussia, this could lead to a role switch.

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