The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Video

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 12, 2017.

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    With so much money spent on big MMOs like this one, have anyone noticed that the interaction/immersion is frozen in time? they look much the same the bandwidth has grown but the combat and even the navigation looks like things float too much. Every 6 months i take a look and save from extra content nothing seems to have pushed the envelope.
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    ESO imho is the best major mmo at the moment PVE gameplay wise.

    the problem is, recent updates have made the game run like total crap in DLC areas, moving outside the major towns results in matter what settings are not alone, several of us have found this issue, dosnt seem to be amd/nvidia related or amd/intel related just...weird ass frame rate drops when moving around....

    on the other hand....gw2 perf has gotten better since launch, still sucks due to the dx9 poorly threaded nature of the engine...but..i think they are working on that....its actually my 3rd choice at the moment...

    the one that has shocked me is was soo bad in beta i just removed it after giving it several tries...

    its default controls still suck, you need to check 3-4 boxes to get it so its more like eso/tera gameplay rather then a weird mix of action combat and mouse clicking...
    what i do like is the "challenges" that pop up as you run round killing ****....the fact the game never drops below 20fps even in busy good with that...the 60+ steady in dungeons/caves/etc is nice....(at 4k game maxed out) dropping my settings openworld and in town dosnt help, and my buddies overclocked i7 and 1080 get about the same all these games...

    i really wish hero engine would get their dx12/vulkan updates the zos dev team could get eso updated to help with the cpu bottle neck they claim will be addressed at least in part by the coming update the the engine itself..that they will then port over to the live game....


    spent some time dicking around in wildstar is alot more fun then it was in beta....its a good time waster as i wait for my buddy to get his server setup so we can all grab conan exiles and play on our own server....(keep out the dbags as much as possible...) im hoping it goes the direction it seems to be, where they are going to allow pretty decent levels of modding...that and being able to run your own server...i have been waiting for something like this since i played UO over 56k back in the day.... UO was just to much work to script quests and the like for.... honestly...keeping a custom server with a decent player base running was alot of work back then....sooo many bugs, not just with the private server emulators but with the game holes (could earn rewards reporting them in game, some severs even had a custom clickable UI for reporting the holes, they where pretty common...and if you fell threw one...well....theres no 'Revive at *point*' in UO...your a ghost till a gm saves you..:p

    anyway....i was going to buy morrowind, i was going to sub to plus...but the perf issues, and playing the pts before morrowind.....just made me need a break...i keep checking for updates... and upgrading my horses.... hoping it will go back up to the perf i was getting not to long ago(40-60fps open world, same settings as now, 60 solid with triple buffering+vsync in dungeons/instances/etc, cities 20-30 range...)

    for a game thats gotta be making them good money with such a huge name behind it......the teams kinda....autistic....(long story..if anybody is interested..ask)
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    ESO:morrowind has worse combat than TES:morrowind :p

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    How is that even possible :p

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