the best pci video card

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by djtroy, Sep 2, 2006.

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    was just about to post that pci x1300, it probably beats a 6200, even though both are restricted as hell by the pci bus, but hey, you can do AA and HDR at the same time ;)

    anyway guys, READ damnit, first it took 10 whole posts of "OMG PCI-e cards r teh best l00k at teh 7950GX2 teh dual c0res" nonsense for someone to notice this post was about PCI!

    and i just have to comment on the topic of dual core VGA cards, anyone who thinks dual core cards or whatever you dream up will be the same kind of step forwards as in cpus doesnt know jack about graphics
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    The best PCI card would be a 6200 but

    i used to have a BFG Tech FX5200 PCI OC 256mb
    and it was bloody amazing with some oc :D easily did 70-90 FPS in hl2
    core at 340mhz it was good for a card seeming that BFGtech choose good ram

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