The Best Games of the Decade

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    Looking at other peoples list of games makes me think that this decade was a little weak...

    Anyway this is my personal list of the best games of the past decade:

    - Dark Souls
    - Bloodborne
    - Bad Company 2
    - Path of Exile
    - X-Com
    - Civilization V
    - The Swindle
    - Deus EX Human Revolution
    - Metro 2033

    There might be other great games that are absent and that i own, like Metal Gear 5, Halo 5 or Metro Last Night and others, but i only count games that i actually played.

    My personal favourite is easy to guess to those who know me, Dark Souls, the game that restored my faith in gaming! In second place comes Bloodborne.
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    This decade was a little weak yes, and it shows from the lists and from my inability to focus on singleplayer games which deserve while i find many sports games deserve a chance

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