The 7970 Thread. Post your overclocks and experiences here:

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by hallryu, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Well i think it is not the card but the mb...i have newer bios and it works in the ud5h now
    The funny thing is it booted ran fine at reboot no boot then now its working again???
    Trying to get some cf action in now

    Man amd has gone no where with cf... pitty

    I dont mind loseing cf when i push it too far or something but its just rediclous to have the os lose a card at will.
    Thats besides the ultra low power bs thats just messed up too.
    Just benching thank god i dont game in cf i'd shoot the cards
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    2*Saphire 7970 CF
    With the core I read that 1.25v is safe for 24/7 use with good cooling.
    What about the memory voltage? Is 1.700v safe for 24/7 use?
    Do the memory chips get good cooling with the stock cooler of the reference boards, to run at 1700mv 24/7?
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    MSI 1060 Gaming X
    Wih my card it is voltage locked which is a shame because the temps are excellent.

    So I am only able to get around 1170-1180 - I don't mess with the memory as it is already clocked high and has little effect anyway.

    My experience, well, coming from the Nvidia 600 series, I have only tried one set of drivers from ATI atm and I am on my second set as of yesterday, if i was pushed to comment now, I would say the overall experience is far more stable on Nvidia, however it really is early days yet and I will not be drawing any conclusions for a GOOD while.

    Overall I am happy with my 7970 although I keep getting a tiny stutter which I cannot figure out.

    It seems to happen on AL my games.

    I did not get this with my 680.
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    Gigabyte g1 980
    why did you get rid of the 680 might i ask?

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