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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by grunger, Jan 5, 2005.


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  1. acme

    acme Guest

    Yes, there are many factors, and in your case I don't know what's the problem. We all agree that you should get much better results with your setup. Now, all I know is that we tried the 66GT in different systems, and the 66GT doesn't perform very well with old P4 (400 or 533 fsb) , like the 2.53 or 2.4. I don't think it's a chipset driver issue... And for some unknown reason, the ATI 9800 Pro seems to outperforms the 66GT in those systems. Why? I don't know... Does the 66GT need more performance from the CPU? Is it a driver optimisation thing? All good questions I don't have answers to.

    So, getting back to what I said in reply to Pigchild's message that he had poor performance with the 66GT in his system, I said that a friend had the same problem with his setup, which is also a P4 2.53... And that on his system, game performance "sucked".
  2. Dynamo

    Dynamo Guest

    Ya , but ... you said it sucked because of a CPU bottleneck and you couldn't think of anything else it could be ... then I replied and said it could be so many things ... then you said 'yes that's true' ... so now we're back at "game performance sucked" . Didn't we just go round in a great big circle ?

    Anyway , I wasn't actually talking about my system as much as I was talking about this whole "card testing" thing we are actually doing . If a person is happy , they don't really care why it is running well , but if performance is poor then we of course , go looking for reasons why .

    My point is that there are a lot of possible culprits , with CPU bottleneck merely being one of those possible culprits .

    For instance , with several of the drivers I was getting the same that you were getting with your poor old 1.9Ghz P4 , around 30000 in Aquamark . Obviously I am not CPU botlenecked , so we can throw that factor out as to why my performance "sucked" .

    Now , on the other hand , we know that you have a good XFX card , no doubt , and we also know that you most definitely were bottlenecked , obviously . Some things are very easy to deduce ... at this point it seems to be almost impossible to deduce why some of us with reasonably fast systems are still having problems with certain cards and certain drivers .

    Well , I think that's 4 times I've said that now . Time to shut up .

  3. acme

    acme Guest

    I said the performance sucked in his system and yes, the P4 is the bottleneck because we tried many different things, drivers, BIOS settings, etc. Sorry, but it's true. Now, if someone can prove me that a P4 2.53 performs better than his with ANY 66GT (without OC of course), then I'll be glad to retract myself and we'll get back to trying to figure out what's wrong with his system. As far as I'm concerned, his system is CPU limited and there's nothing we can do about it.

    Now, I never said that yours was CPU limited, I don't get why you guys are trying to put words in my mouth. Jeez. I said it sucked IN HIS SYSTEM. There's obviously something else wrong in your system that you and me can't figure out for the moment.

    Like you said, I'm repeating myself, I'm shutting up too... Happy troubleshootting to you.
  4. Pigchild

    Pigchild Ancient Guru

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    MSI RTX 2080 Super
    I agree with you on that one. I too have tried several things to improve my score with my P4 Northwood. No Dice.

    My extreemly low score should not be a huge supprise to anyone because my CPU is known to be poor at graphics rendering.

  5. Dynamo

    Dynamo Guest

    OK , this is just for the record , and then maybe we can leave this whole mess and move on to something constructive .

    OK , I'll have to take your word on poor P4 2.53 performance , since I don't have anything to go on . There is a guy on this forum , Johto , who has a P4-2.4 but has overclocked it to 3.1 and is getting 53000 in Aquamark . He didn't say what his non-overclocked score was , but I would guess he would probably get around 40000 . Not very good , but as you say , about right for that system .

    You took that the wrong way . Basically I was just trying to illustrate how one system can be easy to figure out why it's running poorly , and another system is almost impossible to figure out why . There's nothing wrong with my system , per se , but is probably a combination of certain things (like the ones I listed) .

    Hopefully drivers will cure it somewhere down the road , or I'll just say to hell with it and buy the sure thing , like you did , an A64 board and CPU . Seems like a lot of money to spend just to get this card to run well for me .

    As I've also said several times , one driver gives me high CPU scores , and another driver gives me high GPU scores , and yet another driver will give me low GPU & low CPU , but so far I haven't found a driver that will give me the best of both worlds , so it is probably going to be a matter of waiting until that driver is released (that will give me both high CPU & high GPU scores) .

  6. acme

    acme Guest

    That's a nice overclock, about 30%. If he OC his 66GT too (he probably did to get this score) then it does improves his performance a lot. With only a small OC of 10% of my CPU, GPU and memory I went from 52000- to 57000+. With a 30% of my CPU I could end up near 60000 (guess)... This is just to give you an idea of the impact of an overclocked system, for comparision.

    I understand that, and you're right. My point was simply that in some cases it's obvious that it's the CPU. So, we can move on...

    Now, this is weird, and I need to run a test with AM and the new drivers I'm using (71.xx) just to see how much it affects my CPU score compared to version 67.03.
  7. acme

    acme Guest

    Ok, with 71.25 (beta):

    AquaMark Score: 51751 (CPU: 8215, GFX: 7554)

    Now, with 67.03 (beta from nZone):

    AquaMark Score: 50730 (CPU: 8299, GFX: 7308)

    As you can see, my score went up with version 71.25, but my CPU score went down a bit, but not much... There's not a huge difference between these two drivers...
  8. ohsonofa

    ohsonofa Guest

    i just got done installing my msi 6600 gt agp card and ran the aquamark3 test.

    here are the results

    71.80 drivers

    gfx - 7041
    cpu - 9533
    total - 51411

    I noticed in my video properties there is no tab for overclocking, what is the recommended program i should get for this?

  9. acme

    acme Guest

    Coolbits... Look around on the net. It's a simple registry setting that enables the overclocking tab in nVidia driver...
  10. ohsonofa

    ohsonofa Guest

  11. Dynamo

    Dynamo Guest

    Hmm ... Interesting . Seems totally normal . Maybe I should do a Sig with my crazy lopsided driver results . Yours seem fine , but I can have 12000 CPU or 3000 CPU depending on which driver I run tests on . Exact same weird results for GPU scores too .

    Anyway , thanks for posting actual AM3 CPU/GPU scores . This kind of info is very helpfull , I think . Beats the usual "my card rocks" kind of stuff we more-than-often get from people who don't seem to have the time to devote to constructive card-testing .

  12. Pigchild

    Pigchild Ancient Guru

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    MSI RTX 2080 Super
    About the above reply relating to the person who has a P4 2.4 who is getting fine scores with his set up.

    If I'm not mistaken the P4 2.4 you refered to has the 800 FSB.
    There is a huge difference in performance between his P4 2.4 and my old school 2.53 Northwood with 533FSB.

    I wish I could find someone with a simmilar set up so I could see what their bench scores look like.

    I have only benched mine using 3Dmark05. After I saw my score of only 1200 I figured why continue measuring with other utilitys.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with my computer because it works fine, never had trouble out of it. It just doesn't do very well with the newer DirectX9 games.
  13. Silverian

    Silverian Member

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    Radeon HD 6950 2GB
    A little piece of advice.

    I actually have an MSI FX5700 256Mb Video Card with the motherboard listed in my system specs there, and I would like to buy and intall a 6600 GT AGP 8x DDR3 with 128Mb.

    Now... can anyone explain me how I can make a good use of DDR3 with my motherboard, is it worth to buy such expensive card if I my system can not support it?

    I would basically like to know why "yes" and why "no".

    Thanks a lot. :D
  14. Mirec

    Mirec Master Guru

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    Ati 4850
    I think you are refering to GDDR3 - that has nothing to do with your MB. It is the local Video memory and I can guarantee you that the 6600gt needs it since it has only 128bit - memmory bus.
  15. ohsonofa

    ohsonofa Guest

    been doing some more tests on my msi, did a lil bit of overclocking, heres some more results.

    Aquamark 3

    71.20 drivers @ 500/900
    gfx - 6858
    cpu - 9526
    total - 50430

    71.80 drivers @ 500/900
    gfx - 7041
    cpu - 9533
    total - 51411

    71.80 drivers @ 570/1100
    gfx - 7881
    cpu - 9490
    total - 55689

    71.80 drivers @ 570/900
    gfx - 7458
    cpu - 9492
    total - 53551

    71.80 drivers @ 550/1000
    gfx - 7572
    cpu - 9465
    total - 54072


    drivers 71.22 @ 500/900 (drivers from msi website)
    score - 3167

    drivers 71.80 @ 500/900
    score - 3170

    drivers 71.80 @ 550/1000
    score - 3488
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  16. acme

    acme Guest

    That's funny, when you overclock the graphics card, the CPU score goes down... :confused:
  17. TimL

    TimL Member

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    Gigabyte GV-NX68T256DH
    Erm - I feel a but embarressed to interrupt here. But I have a few real Newbie questions.

    I have the following system :

    P4 Northwood 2.8
    Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 rev. 2 (BIOS FG) mobo
    Leadtek A 400 6800 GT TDH (AGP 8x)
    2 x Transcend 512 MB DDR RAM
    1 x Seagate SATA 80 GB HDD
    1 x Maxtor 80 GB HDD

    OS is W2K Pro SP 2 with latest patches.

    My 3D Mark 03 score, as installed, is 10 112

    After fiddling with Coolbits, I can get it up to 11 120 (420 / 1.17 GHz)

    I understand that these are quite low scores, given the system I am running?

    I have LOTS of cooling - a Gigabyte Rocket cooler on the CPU. Speedfan says that my CPU runs at between 35 and 50 degrees - the only time I have seen it at 50 was when I ran SETI (cpu intensive) as well as doing other stuff. So I am not too worried about the temps.

    What could I do to improve my performance?
  18. Dynamo

    Dynamo Guest

    Not trying to be a smart-ass , but this is the official 6600GT thread . Ton's of threads on the main pages on 6800 cards to read before you even post a basic question like that . The more exacting a question you post , the better your answers will be . It's probably best for everone anyway , if a newbie does a little bit of legwork first before asking general questions .

    Good luck
  19. acme

    acme Guest

    Hey Dynamo, is it possible to disable a proc in your setup? I don't know much about multi-procs setups, so I don't know... Just asking cause, if it's possible, you could try running some benchmarks with a single proc, just to check if it would change something...
  20. Dynamo

    Dynamo Guest

    Nice overclock ! Thanks for the detailed results too . So it seems that from these basic tests of yours and Acme's and mine , a 6600GT should be somewhere around GPU - 7000 , without overclocking (in Aquamark3) ? That's interesting . I wonder what a 6800's GPU is ? Or a 6800 Ultra's GPU score ?

    Is there a web page with all these results on-line to see ? Perhaps I should check to see if the Aquamark database is online and brows' ble . I'm also wondering if this rig of mine , with 4 CPU's (hyper-threading) is somehow stalling out the 6600GT ? Perhaps a few tests with HT disabled . Wish I could disable one CPU somehow , as well .


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